buttons on gs64

  • when i push buttons sometimes they dont work is anyone else have this problem
    let me know havent had my gs even a year yet

  • and when i test some stay lit on the test screen

  • are you running serialosc and monomeserial at the same time?

  • monomeserial

  • oh no just monomeserial

  • can you test on another computer to ensure it's not a software issue?

  • dont have one but probably yeah in the next day or so.

  • tried on several applications and seemed to do the same not as bad on some but
    still doing it sometime have to push twice or really hard to turn on and off. but will try on another computer just to test.

  • did you ever install serialosc?

    you can try changing your DSP settings within maxmsp. enable overdrive, toggle scheduler in audio int, change vector sizes.

  • mac or pc???

    if you are mac try opening activity monitor and make sure serialosc is not running

  • did install osc and then deleted it i thought oh and dont have max msp just using max runtime dont know how to change dsp settings

  • have a mac

  • did you delete it or uninstall it??? Did you check your activity monoitor?

  • activity moniter doesnt show serialosc and have no sign of it on this computer

  • activity moniter says binding to port 8000
    in the object column says can't find file matrixdefaultbkgnd.pct

  • if anyone can help or know of the errors i listed please thankyou

  • unzip this then run it (double click)

    then reboot

  • seen to work now alot more precise doesnt seem to be glitchy or anything buttons seem to be working very well thanks alot. this isnt a question for this forum but any chances of gs 128 or 256 soon would love to buy let me know thanks.