Wrapping your head around serialosc...

  • So... when I first started playing with serialosc I decided to just use the included serialosc object tehn made... and just trust that it works... but today I decided to start to peel back the skin and figure out how it works on a lower level.

    I found there was not much documentation as far as where a developer should look... so I started to compile some links, I will now share them below for the betterment of the community... and so I have somewhere to find them later.

    The first thing I noticed when opening up tehns serialosc external was his use of the zeroconf objects... which it turns out are a part of oscbonjour... so now there is a bunch of documentation to dig through to really figure out how this stuff works...

    The first is the documentation on the max object...
    For that I found this sourceforge link to the development page of oscbonjour (which includes the zeroconf objects)

    I also found this page from the developer about the project

    But this only raises more questions... what is zeroconf? what is bonjour?

    So I found these links

    Bonjour: http://www.apple.com/fr/support/bonjour/
    zeroconf: http://www.zeroconf.org/

    I still have not read through them all but I will get to it and update!