bye bye rhodes 54 (:


    Song I made because I traded it with a 73 one :)
    I will miss it alot i think. (:

  • very nice.

    love sound of a rhodes, still trying to bring mine back to life, bought one for 200 bux which has needed much love......

  • Nice stuff - I have a 73 I picked up recently and now have a dozen new pickups that I need to replace - then probably just a few minor adjustments and it should be in great playing shape. Already sounds great except for a few dead notes.

  • i have a seventy-three that i got for $200 as well. love it so much. i got all the parts i needed (which were minimal) from here:

    great resource if you're trying to fix up an old keyboard. check it out.

  • nice video, nice song, nice rhodes, nice modular, nice chessnome ;)

  • Hey guys, I also got my 73 (:
    It sound very very lovely. Like a puffing grandpa.

    I will try to make a video with it soonly.

    Here in Holland they're pretty expensive. Payments start at 1000 euros. I was lucky to trade it with my 54 with 150 euros extra :) So you're lucky to live in the states hehe (:

  • wow, where are you guys finding these Rhodes?
    I don't think I've seen one for under $700 around the SoCal area, either that or I'm not looking hard enough. I don't think I would be that averse to fixing one up either.

    If you have any good know :D

  • @hawktopus: i picked up a '73 in huntington beach earlier this spring for $400. certainly not a showpiece, i had to rewire the preamp and it is missing one hammer tip, but otherwise totally usable... just a matter of sitting on craigslist for a month until it bubbled up.

  • i would gladly trade my 73 for a 54 if anyone in NY is game ;)


    Here is a quick made sound demo for you guys (:
    the sounds are a bit out of balance. But I am working on it hihi.