so it happened...

  • my worst fears have become materialized.

    i came home on saturday with my brother to find my house had been broken into. my first thought as i stared at the broken door lock was "oh shit... they killed my dog". the burgalers (or at least one of them had stayed behind, to dismout tv´s and look for anything else that they might have missed.

    i called the cops and they were promt to arrive. we came in the house, guns in hands. i guided them through my darkend house, only to find that he or she had already escaped, perhaps through my window, perhaps through the roof.

    only an eerie sense of violation remained.

    at first i thought that we had prevented the robbery by swift action and accurate timing since nothing downstairs was missing. but it grew clear that this was not the case in the whole of the house. my room is at the top of the stairs (first one on the right). i walked in and found that i had been robbed of music. no guitars, no monome, no laptop, no duet, no mixing board, no kaoss pad, no effects... they even took a couple of hats and a pair of shoes.

    my brothers bedrooms were similarly dimembered. mostly after computers, these musical theives.

    filling in the police report, the cop told me i should probably move on... my things were not to be found... or at least not by them. so the last 2 days i have been surrounded by the worst of the worst of peruvian scum, looking for my music and perhaps even the thieves themselves.

    i know not how long it will take, but i do know that every hour that passes my heart sinks in more and more. the feeling of violation and the thought of my monome ending up in a junkyard because they don´t know what it is and they can´t sell it, grows.

    this won´t knock me down. i must get back on my feet. all new music has always encouraged me before, it will do so now as well.

    having all your samples gone and all your stems gone (no backups, stupid me) is horrible, but it must drive you to make new, better ones.

    the best thing about this robbery is my newfound motivation. plus! my dog was perfectly ok! i found him sleeping behind my bed. my dog is lazy. i love the little guy.

  • super bummed to hear this man :( glad you're able to find some hope in this situation. i'm happy to hear that your dog is ok too. stay positive. sounds like everything but the music/data is replaceable, so it could be worse. painful, but not impossible to recover from.

  • I'm really sorry to hear this. Do you have insurance? Having been in a similar situation in the past I know how it feels. Keep checking gumtree/craigslist/ebay for your kit.

    In the hope that something positive may come out of all this, anyone reading should make it a priority to regularly backup their data off site. In addition to code/documents which are automatically backed up to cloud storage I keep burning (encrypted) data to DVD and storing it in a locked drawer at work and at my friends house.

  • This is terrible news. I hope you manage to find your belongings, or at least to find a way to replace them (slowly but surely). As phortran said; it could have been much worse.

  • i can't imagine how you feel. i feel so sorry.

    if you have kept the serial number of your equipment, there's still a chance to find out where they end up.

    hoping the best for you.

  • :(

    Go to ALL the pawn shops, and music stores with pictures and descriptions of your music gear. Bring a pic of the monome too. Maybe they will assume it's a musical instrument and it's so uncommon that it will set off bells in your area if/when they try to sell it.

    Don't just go to the nearest ones. I'm sure theives may go a little further away to sell their stuff.

  • Haven't had things stolen for years, but when it happens it sucks. I know that pit-of-the-stomach feeling all too well. My thoughts are with you--quite a loss. No loss of life, thank goodness. (My dogs would sleep through a burglary, too!)

    Seeing the positive in the whole thing is admirable. Indeed there may be new directions to take and new ideas that will spring from the whole tragedy.

    This reminds me to back up to more than just a second internal drive which is all I have done so far. And this reminds me to treasure the monome I do have even more and stop yearning for the arc I DON'T have.

    Best wishes in sorting it out and moving forward.

  • This is so terrible... I feel your pain, and wish you the best in your search.

    I am so very sorry.

  • I'm so sorry Genko! I hope that you spot that monome soon. Pawn shops seem likely to me as well. I wonder how many monomes actually exist in Peru? Isn't there a way that, if you know your serial number you can see if someone has connected it to a computer? I can't remember exactly but I thought when Steve Duda got his 256 stolen he had some kind of serial number backup plan. Any markings on your monome that make it easy to spot?

    So sorry man! I wish you the best of luck man! Keep us up to date!

  • thanks everyone. i think i´m kinda still shocked after what happened. i woke up an hour ago with the urge to play with my monome only to find that it was gone... yet again.

    i don´t know about that internet thing with the monome... but i know there was a conection in network preferences that said monome, i don´t know what it was for though... my monome was 272.

    pawn shops here are... well... everywhere, but they don´t say they´re pawn shops. they just sell stolen goods. the law isn´t particularly strong down here which just makes it that much more difficult.

    as for markings... a little bit of the rubber on the bottom was missing, kinda on the corner, but that´s about it.

    there´s only one in peru. at least i hope it´s still here.

  • I feel you..
    That happened to me twice in the past year, thank god i moved out of that hell hole.. I keep running into to situations where i need something, then look through my entire house, then realize that i got robbed 3 months ago and they grabbed it... when i need them the most.

    if they were stupid enough to break into your place, they probably wont know how to use the monome anyways, so they would sell it.

    good luck, i hope everything works out.

  • oh, man. Terrible bad >;[ i truly hope that this event will have positive reverberations associated with it. Such savages in this world. If i can be of any help, and regardless, my hopes are with you. All the best...

  • third day in the underworld. no luck yet. at this point... i just want to find my monome and duet. i think the possibilty of finding my data is nill.

    i want to thank you all again for the possitive messages and the support. this community is truly home

  • sorry!
    stay up g
    we're all thinkin of ya

  • sending good vibes your way....

  • Damn. Double damn. At least you are safe. Though things are expensive, they are only things. I am sure that is not much consolation now though. Triple damn.

  • any chances one of you had a mac and mobileme (can't you locate your devices thru that now .. ?)
    or any dyndns setup ..?

    any website in your history / homepage where you log often and might pick up an IP adress ..?

    check pawn shops too :/

    ebay too, a monome won't stay un-noticed

    do you recall the s/n ?

    sorry :/

  • condolences......... :-( hope the situation rectifies itself soon. Your positivity shines through......all the best

  • this is one of my worst fears. luckily i've only been robbed at gun/knife-point and not had my house broken into :/

    anyway, dreadfully sorry man. this is terrible. BUT: i'm sure you've heard it already, but honestly be glad that you, your brothers and your pooch are all okay. could've been much much worse.

  • So sorry to hear this... Losing you work must be particularly painful and so out of balance to what the thieves could have possibly gained. Like everyone else, glad to hear your dog was okay!

  • wow i feel so bad and sorry reading this post
    really hope things will get much better for you very fast

  • So sorry man.

    I'm super paranoid about my stuff, and apparently for good reason.

  • best of luck! such a shitty, invasive thing to happen.

  • truly sorry for your loss. suks.

    i recommend renters insurance for those who rent. up to 30k of coverage is usually not more than $100-200/year. piece of mind for cheap.

  • day 5:

    i really appreciate everyone´s support. this really gets me through the days of practically living among criminals.

    i´m gonna give it a week or two more before i tell myself to move on and buy a new laptop and a 256, even if i do find them, i´m gonna have to buy them back from criminals, since the police, in their own words "can´t do anything about it inside the criminal´s turf".

    so i was talking with alpha and watson and some people from the FMLY blog... some of them suggested i should start a kickstarter, see if i can raise some money to buy a laptop and a 256. i thought it might be a bit douchey to do it at first... but i don´t really wanna wait for three years again.

    i think i might do it, and as a thank you for the support, i´m putting out another ep. with the last 3 songs i saved (dropbox saved them) and one suprise.

    do you think it´s a good idea?

  • I'd throw in for a Kickstarter project. Worthy cause if you ask me.

  • +1 on kickstarter

  • this sucks. i'd chip in a bit on a kickstarter.

  • I would support a kickstarter as well.

    Perhaps the saddest thing about this is that whoever stole the 256 will probably never figure out what it is (assuming they don't open it up to find the on the pcb) and it will perhaps be the first monome to "die." Such a beautiful device to end up that way.

    Hope things get better.

  • id be happy to contribute to replacing your device! Micropatronage in action...

  • I'd pitch in as well.

  • just seeing this thread... so sorry to hear this. i too have had this happen some years ago, and i remember the sense of violation - of course the invasion of my home, but also the fact that items i valued because of their creative capability were snatched as nothing more than monetary value to someone who doesn't care at all.

    i would gladly pitch in to a kickstarter. let's get this going!

  • i would pitch in a catchers suit as well. As a relatively new member here i am very glad to see such wonderful community.

  • a kickstarter is a great idea and i'll contribute...

  • man, sorry to hear about what happened. i think it's everyone's worst nightmare. i had my car stolen before and it's just a violation of you because it's your property and has so much meaning to you.

    hope things all work out and i would pitch in something to get you going again.

  • KS thinks of things in projects - make sure you pose this as a project or they may reject it.

    make it about funding your next album rather than re-buying gear. not that you cant say that your gear was stolen...

  • @genko: Any update either on the recovery efforts or the Kickstarter idea?

  • Bump.

    Any news?

  • ive been following this thread for a while.
    deeply sorry for your loss and i am willing to throw down on a fund to help you get on your feet

  • @genko

    My school is selling some surplus computers

    Two models are available:

    MacBook Pro 15” 2.4GHz 2GB (two SO-DIMMs) 667MHz DDR2 memory (PC2-5300) 200GB Serial ATA; 5400 rpm (Model#: MB133LL/A) $599.00

    MacBook Pro 15” 2.4Ghz unibody design, LED-backlit glossy widescreen display, 2GB (two 1GB SO-DIMMs) of 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM; supports up to 4GB, 250GB Serial ATA hard drive, 5400 rpm (Model#: MB470LL/A) $799.00

    I couldn't gift either..but...i mean...that is not $2000

    maybe we could get this giving money to the genko cause train rolling?

  • @genko

    just came across this thread and i am deeply sorry to hear about the recent occurrences.

    sending positive energy over your way!

    stay strong.

  • :( I've had my house broken into once before. It feels so freaking terrible. The sense of violation persisted for a long time. I'm sorry.

  • hey all! thanks for the support and the kind words. i just got back from yet another day of fruitless searching.

    there is a funny feeling now a days, walking into these places... every thief looks at me as if they know i'm there looking for my things. every face, a suspect for me. knowing that perhaps one of them was in my room, going through my things, deciding what was worth taking is a bizarre sensation i haven't really felt before.

    i've grown almost used to seeing people getting mugged, and then the people that mugged them, selling their new bounty not 10 feet away from where the crime took place... used to seeing a group of people with bags of "merchandize" (sometimes even including things like PS3s, and tv's that were still warm to the touch) selling them besides cops without so much as a flinch. selling pieces of someone's house (and sense of security) as if though meaningless puzzle pieces.

    every day i come home empty handed, a bit of hope for retrieving my stolen equipment escapes. but i have to say, this community and the friends i've made here always have a way to draw a smile on my now tired face.

    as of the kickstarter, i think it's out of the question, for i would have to be residing in the states. but, myles (thealphanerd) gave me another option called indiegogo. i will give it a go and see what happens. i should have the site up and running within the week, i hope.

    thank you all. and if you're reading this from gridfest then please, send everyone my love. i'm sure everyone is killing it! i wish i could be there, or even see it, but i'm as low tech as they come at the moment, except for my phone.

    nos vemos.

  • reading this thread for the first time... terrible news....

    best of luck genko, i hope karma bites those sob's in the ass

  • @genko: I see you're back posting more regularly on the forums. Any update on the theft? Did anything come of your searching or are you just starting over?