TRADED! Monome 256 sn192 Walnut Original Model

  • Managed to trade for a 128 and a 64 :).


    Up for sale or trade is my much loved walnut monome 256. It's one of the original models but has been upgraded to bus power.

    I'm looking to sell it as I'm trying to downgrade to a 128 and 64 combo to compliment my new arc2. I'm not looking to trade for any other gear apart from a monome 128 and/or 64.

    This monome has seen considerable use and has been well loved. I do use it once every two days at least, I use it for all of my gigs and use it in my studio for writing tracks and programming. So, it's got some small dinks, dents, scratches, whatever you want to call them; as any piece of musical gear gets from much love and use. Back in my bass playing days we used to call them battle scars, heh.

    But there's nothing serious, they're only noticeable on close inspection and crucially the buttons, leds and usb socket have been well looked after and the unit is in perfect working condition.

    I'm located in London, England. EU shipping would be preferable but I'm willing to look into international if the buyer can pay the extra shipping/insurance fees.

    I'm asking for £850. As a new one from america costs about £1200 including postage and a rather hefty slice of import tax I think this is reasonable.

    Get in touch if you're interested.

    Happy monoming.

    1181 x 785 - 203K
    1181 x 786 - 254K
  • More photos:

    1181 x 785 - 154K
    1181 x 785 - 163K
  • and more:

    1181 x 785 - 230K
    1181 x 785 - 227K
  • Beautiful piece ! Just grabbed a 256 myself, got a Gray Scale 64 that I'm looking to convert into a walnut. Let me know if you're looking to buy a GS!

  • @shamus- if myr isn't into your gs64, I certainly could be depending on where you are, etc.

    evolve (at) fourthshape dot com

  • definitely interested. although i am looking to get at least one new walnut device to match my arc2. don't mind whether it's the 128 or 64 that's walnut. i'll let you know how my hunt for a 128 and this sale goes.

  • @myr Sounds good man! Good luck on your search, keep me posted: )

  • Hi Myr, I have a walnut 128 w/bus power in great condition and I was looking to upgrade to a 256.

    I'm based in Norwich, if you're interested email me lukesanger [at] gmail [dot] com

    I happen to have a gig in London next Thursday...


  • @ molotov
    Very interested, just emailed!

    How much are you willing to sell the 64 for?

  • @myr I'm looking to sell it for a solid $450. But shipping from LA to England may be a little expensive, would you be willing to pay for shipping?

  • @ shamus
    be willing to pay anything up to what monome ship at, so under $100. i'd want fast, insured, tracking UPS style shipping.

    although i don't want to be paying any additional import taxes as that would take me over my limit. thinking you don't need to pay them when it's a friendly transfer, though it'd be worth finding out.

    got any photos?

  • @myr Sounds good man! That's how my 256 is shipping at the moment, will be sure to undergo the same process. Hopefully there aren't any additional import taxes, considering it's a relatively small piece of gear, I dont think there will. Let me research and get back to you !

  • @shamus
    man, this stuff looks confusing, heh.
    looks like it does have to be paid whether it's between two private people, not companies, whether it's a gift or anything. trying to calculate how much it is but it looks bloody confusing. when i got my first 64 it was about £60 ($100). hoping to would be less than that as it's second hand and paying a little less.

    looks like you'd have to provide an invoice of how much i paid you and all kinds of malarkey.

    seems it'd be worth using ups as they sort a lot of it out in house and it could save having to talk to the governement as much.

    let me know if you find anything else out.

  • Yo man, this does seem pretty confusing! I think I may just be selling my gray scale stateside. Sorry about that man, good luck with your search!

  • Hi James !

    You always sell your monome 256?
    I am very interested.

    Your email: org uk uk ???

    here is my email:zoukoupomme (at) gmail (dot) com.