: it's (a)live !

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    Edit, for more informations on the ninjam setup, please visit


    What if .. we tried to plan some "monome community ninjam/streaming nights", with small line-ups of you, monome'rs, musicians, dj's and performers..

    It would be open to any artist with a musical skill, preferably monome/arc/arduinome/nerdy related

    Technical specs would be the following ... :

    Artists ::
    - Encoder :
    -- ninjam-client : (all platform - linux, contact us)
    -- reaper (standalone DAW) :
    -- ableton / whatever + reaper + rearoute (ASIO, windows only) :
    -- macosx AU plugin (for ableton / whatever AudioUnit compatible soft) :
    - Tools : soundflower / jack to route audio to ninjam
    - Server : come on irc to figure it out

    Listeners ::
    - Players : Winamp / Itunes / Any mp3 decoder
    - Server : come on irc to figure it out

    Server(s) : ninjam / shoutcast / can handle 500+ connections

    Date : you decide, let's see who can be free .. and when

    Timezeone : this will be a funny one .. i'm opened to suggestions regarding start and end tz's, but depending on the number of attendees and their tz's ... it could spread nicely over a few hours.

    How ? : support the project in here ! and visit us on #monome @freenode (or use the "live chat" button on the forums)

    Note :Only "original creations" are welcomed (no airing of copyrighted materials)

    Hope this raises some interest among you .


  • ninjam now live (download ninjam, see links up)

    # edit
    well it's almost over.. 3 members, US / AU / FR, using ninjam
    worked well on my side we'll see if others feel to post their feelings

    if you want to plan another ninjam session, post here.

  • There is some seriously sick jamming going on in there! I'm amazed by how good the quality is also

  • That was alot of fun. Lots of potential, I think.

  • i will be goggling my eyes to find information about this ninjam i seem to remember it being a cross platform browser based DAW? Were you guys playing together at the same time or more in the 1st performer 2nd performer paradigm?

  • @wednesdayayay : links to ninjam are provided in the first post

    as to delayed performance, imho it was un-noticeable.. server bandwidth was more than enough

    the fun part were the things running on my laptop, so irc users could re-hear the thing as mp3 ;p

    the thing we did was to keep the same bpm on each DAW as in ninjam, but disable the metronome..

    after that, each of us was able to hear the other one, and tbh, "Ycross VS CheeseNoOnions" was a great moment

    so .. who's in for the next round ? ;p

    800 x 500 - 143K
  • Not sure I understand. Is everyone playing together? Any audio from last night?

  • @sondod: Yes everyone is playing at the same time. It was really great. I used Live and was told to the bpm was 120. Ableton defaults at that so I just opened up some tracks and pulled from my bag of tricks. When the three of us were playing it was great cuz it was almost like we instinctively took turns. If I heard drums I didn't add drums... if I heard a lead I didn't add one etc. It was interesting. Then we were in IRC at the same time so it was like a real jam where you play and then share ideas, give feedback, and ask questions.

    @rud: Thanks for the kind words. Ycros is a great performer and I enjoyed it immensely.

  • wow, this sounds like an awesome thing!
    Is there a recording of the session somewhere?

    also, I'm pretty amazed that latency wasn't a problem

  • @willcarter

    Ninjam handles latency in quite an interesting way, by measures. Check out the site in the first post for more info.

    I don't believe there was a recording this time around unfortunately. Last night was a test run.

  • I think it'd be cool if everyone involved took a screen recording and then someone recorded the audio, that way we could make a video showing what everyone was doing side by a four square screen, for example. Then you could overlay the recorded audio. This would be great for a promotional thing as well as just fucking awesome......

  • i have a screen recording application and would like to do this for sure! it sounds amazing

  • @ Wednesdayayay

    If your here, come into the IRC, we are talking about it at the moment

  • it seems another jam will happen in a few hours..

    warmup session will soon begin ;)

  • now playing:

    FingerTapping VS TheAlphaNerd

  • Wow awsome, looks a bit complicated to set up tho..

    Can't wait for:

    Live jam/collab should be a stock feature of Ableton me thinks.

  • @Cookie : GreaterThanZero suggested Reaper to
    + it natively uses ninjam
    It also seems possible to rewire reaper + ableton ...

    UPDATE: reaper is confirmed to work with our ninjam server setup !


    Most of us managed to make the setup properly without issues, except for TheAlphaNerd who uses an external 24bit soundcard.. There were audio routing issues between his external soundcard and the sound proxies we could test.
    But i think he has a nice workaround .. (?)

    NOTE (2)

    Ycross managed to find a forked ninjam server where win+osx clients auth works ..
    And guess what, it now runs on FreeBSD too ;p
    Meaning the soundjam server will remain up
    Artists, to obtain a user/pass come to irc.

    NOTE (3)

    Next step, figure how to automagically reroute audio from ninjam to butt without the need of a -machine in the middle- .

    NOTE (4)

    Linux / Unix users, check the gninjam fork ! server code has sha1 code fixed for modern unix VS mac/pc clients ... and the client has built-in JACK support.
    Get it in trunk via

  • I just stumbled across this link

    ninjam AU that has been primarily tested with Ableton... will give it a test when I get home later tonight

  • oh, very cool. Nice to be able to do this without involving soundflower. Will also test this out this weekend...

  • new softwares to connect to ninjam added to first thread

    plus, we're live.

  • It seems we raised quite some interest among you forum users judging by the question raised on irc ..

    Since we have implemented Auth, you must ask for a login and password to join the jams as artist.

    Listeners, an mp3 stream should be available too (come on irc to find out)

    There is an anonymous ninjam user set, in case i'm not around, and for the ones willing to test the setup :
    monome / monome
    As usual, come on irc to get the hostname:port.

    I will write a small admin GUI to remotely handle ninjam-server users, and dispatch admin perms to most recurrent irc members, so that jams may continue even if i'm not around.

    Remember, it's all happening on #monome @freenode !


  • bump

    (we're on, join in !)

  • Just finished my first jam. Once I sorted out some volume issues on my end, I simplified what I was doing by just JACKing in my piano for some acoustic fun. Varied between nu-jazz/hop/upbeatethereal. Was a ton of fun!

    If anyone's hanging back, too shy to join, wondering what they could contribute, rest assured you can! I know like the least of anyone here, and this still sharpened my improv skills. You just listen to what others are doing, start going along, then expand from there. Listen for key/chord changes, and folks blend with you and you blend with them. Pleasantly surprising things happen.

  • and yes, this is a little bump.

  • anyone tried this over a 3g connection?

  • @lokey, good question, will give it a try tomorrow

    @all, tehn accepted to create
    therefore i am going to setup a hosting for a site/page/help/tutorial/resource dedicated to ninjam for monome community

    therefore, a logo, or small template would be ... welcomed

    does anyone with graphic skills want to contribute ?

  • @all good news, the www page is almost ready

    The account system has been upgraded to an invite system.


    We need you !

    We need tutorials on how you use ninjam (ableton ? soundflower ? jack ? rewire ? reaper ? cubase ? mlrv ? )

    Tutorials should be hosted on your own site / channel (vimeo, youtube) and will be linked in the tutorials section
    (After all you deserve the credit for doing the tutorials)

    As usual, come to IRC on #monome @freenode or use the live chat ;)

  • i think this is gonna be reallly awesome. i totally support jam.monome and will try to help if i can, but first i'm wondering about some shit

    so you don't NEED reaper or live right? all you need is the client app, the host address, a username and a password to log in? so if you're using mlr, you'd set max/msp's dsp settings to output to jack or soundflower along with the client app's input, match the bpm and adjust you're levels?

    or you could route the main mix, outta... let's say live, into the client / or use the expersleepers plugin within live without using the client?

    i'm guessing in the client app, the box on the right is a chat window...

    how does one acquire the host address, a username and a password?

  • @Kramer

    Yeah, about mlr example, that should be correct. Haven't tried it but i don't see why it wouldn't work.

    Yep, you can route out the main mix to Ninjam, or use the AU plugin as the client.

    Yep, Chat window to the right ( the big white box)

    Come into the IRC by clicking 'live chat' link on the left hand side of monome forum

  • The trick with mlr is going to be having the same downbeat as everybody else. So you either need to slave to ninjam's transport somehow, or play without quantizing.

  • I did the latter last time -- I didn't check to see how the transport sync worked with JACK, so I just played some acoustic piano unquantized, listening to the beats and chords everyone else was making. It worked pretty well, and it's good ear training.

  • this probably isn't the logo you're looking for.

    600 x 600 - 65K
  • This sounds brill. Need to flash my Mk again, but when I get that sorted I'd like join the fun.

    Minimal guitar improv-a-hoy :-)

  • This is a bit of a tech Q.

    Is it possible for someone to sample an instrument being played at their end and mess about with it MLR stylee "on the fly" as it were?

  • i have not used this but it seems like with some work on osx we coud share screens with players/watchers with syphon. Plus it is free

    i can't wait to see what happens with this, between this and our ustream channel ( ) i think we could have a good platform for doing a monome gathering for people who can't make the real ones (due to time, money, location, date or what have you)

  • It's alive ! !!

  • looking good, should there be some a simple calendar integrated in?

    what about a link to a little ustream how to?

  • @kramer: regarding the celandar, this will come soon

    regarding ustream, do you really think ustream needs a tutorial ? ;)
    If so, please, feel free to contribute via the wiki.


  • Wow this is an amazing thing going on! I would like to give it a try at some point. Now can I just get a user name and password from the ninjam keepers is the question I guess? =)

  • sure, come to IRC and ask, i'm sure someone will create an account for you :)

  • i had quick play last night, it was a lot of fun and really easy to set up. great instructions on the web page rud. i'm looking forward to doing it again.

  • Sick Jam going on right now!

  • Is it still happening? Every time I attempt to listen it's quiet. I must be just missing it. The title is "nite mood from notre dame des champs" in itunes, is that correct?

    I love this idea and I am going to set myself up soon as well. Looking forward to experiencing this.

  • @egon77
    Yeah there was a short going for a bit but now all's quiet. I'm trying to connect right now but I'm having issues.

    Does anyone know what the host name is on the ninjam connect page?

  • what about embedding a pls player into the page?

  • Ok I have a couple questions about the Ninjam setup. I have managed to connect and rocked a solo jam for a bit. Quite fun to now you are being broadcasted I must say. I did end up broadcasting a skype call I received while jamming, which is pretty hilarious but completely unintentional for sure.

    I guess I have to just jam with someone and my question will get solved but I am curious how I would hear someone else that was jamming with me? WOuld I have to listen to the Jam on my itunes feed to hear the others? I'm guessing not as I had to turn my itunes down since there was a pretty large delay between what I played and when it came out of itunes.

    I'm probably over thinking this but I am really excited about Ninjam right now!

  • @kramer,

    An embeddable player would be great. Do you know of one? (I can try to build something later, but it seems like the kind of thing that should already exist)

  • hi jasper, admittedly i don't know much about this but we had a quite successful little jam last night i must say. from what i understand you will hear everybody one measure behind you. so there's a one measure delay between what you're hearing and what you're playing.. your material is played in the next measure for everyone else. so everyone hears a slightly different version of what's going on but it works quite well.

    for me it was just a matter of connecting the ninjam plugin in reaper and i was hearing everyone else. i played a few things, verified i was being heard, and just went with it from there. the plugin plays back everyone else's audio mixed in with yours.

  • Hmm, I'm hearing music right now. So I guess it's working. Very pretty sounds actually.

  • @phortran
    Huh, I didn't notice the Ninjam plugin anywhere when I was setting up everything, is it just part of the Ninjam server? Sounds like it should work in Ableton the same way though. I'll look for the plugin.

  • oh, it came with reaper. you can also download it separate if you're on osx. there's some great instructions on the jam page: