Thank You Serialosc

  • Thanks to the quick setup of serialOSC I just did the coolest thing in my life.

    I was working on new track in my theatre class at my university and pretty much finished it. I was biking out of the campus back home when I saw a tour of 8th grade kids. My friend was the tour guide and for whatever reason, I just stopped, whipped out my laptop and monome, and then just played the song back to them live. It was pretty sick.

    Some of the girls danced for a bit, but none of them quite knew how to react. They all clapped at the end, so I gave a bunch of hi-fives to the kids, gave a sincere "Stay in school, then you do cool stuff like that." Threw my Mac back in my bag and left.

    I guess I'll post the new track here today or tomorrow once I've done mastering it and adding in a couple minor changes.

  • "Mathematical!"

  • "Sabbatical!"

    [Is this a rhyming game?]

  • no, it's adventure time.

    "rack tat tackle"
    "knee say yick"