Place for experimental music in NYC ?

  • Hi there,

    I'm staying 10 days in NYC. And i wondered if there are any places were "plugin-sessions" or other get togethers in relation to experimental electronics, bit-music, DIY-devices and so on are.

    If you know a place were interesting things come up or know a date till 1rst of april, please leave me a message.


    (I'm not looking for any minimal-techno clubs or any other too loop based discos - ;) )

  • go to the YMCA.

    lots of "plugin-sessions" and get togethers in relation to experimental electronics & DIY devices etc.

  • When are you in NY from the first of april or till the first of april. You can check out share at , its every sunday from 7-1am, pretty experimental, people just plug in laptops and jam.
    Also, we do a warper party once a month, but unfortunately there wont be one till the end of april. You can email me if you want, there might be some cool stuff going on that i havent found out about yet. Or we could just jam around and make some experimental shit...

    mhatsys AT gmail DOT com

    have fun!