arduino midi beginners tutorials

  • Hello folks,

    I am planning to built my own midi controller next to my monome. I thought i could do this with arduino, but I am totally nothing when it comes to C+ programming.

    I was wondering if you guys knew a tutorial based explaining about the midi firmware programmings in arduino. Specially command controls because I want to make use of joysticks and knobs.

    Any help would be apriciated.

    Also I was considering to use an arduino uno for this (:

  • If you want a simple solution, this is highly recommended.

    Midi on arduino always seems to be such a pain.

  • you can also send serial signal to the computer and translate it to midi ?

    i built a simple example for the arduino serial controler:

    might want to look into the doepfer usb64, makes it quite easier to build midi controller :

  • yeah i saw the doepfer thing (:
    That's probbaly faster.

    Thanks for advise! So i need to make that pin changer.
    With the doepfer64 :)

    One more question about the doepfer, does the doepfer has a standard firmware in it? Or does it come with another kindof software package like arduinos?

  • it has it's own 'firmware' - you can't really change it though - for the pin changer I was working on a circuit board - because the one I made was a bit crappy - too much soldering made the contact a bit noisy.

    There are soldering bread board that are usable with minimal soldering.

    Anyhow - i've never made a pcb design before and I didn't get around learning the software , but printing these board seems quite cheap and the design for the doepfer switch board would be really simple.

  • the umc32 might interest you too :
    i own one, it's pretty small, and pretty flexible too..

  • i´d highly recommend sticking to serial and translating the data to midi via max/msp for example... this way you can go modular and reprogram your controller in a much more flexible way

    edit: and by this i also mean sticking to the arduino, its cheap, great and has endless resources on the web... i´m building my 4rth arduino based controller nowadays and i cant recommend this amazing board enough. if you plan to use your future controller with ableton live, you can also use 10but values via live api which is significantly better than the usual midi 7bit..

    if you wanna learn just go thru the "analog read" tutorials of the 4051 multiplexer, this was a milestone in every box iv´e built.

    edit edit:

    here´s is the code we wrote for the drumbox i made a while ago, you can use it to read 48 analog inputs and to control 24 leds.

  • wow sbx very thanks! (:
    I will print the tutorial out and read it in the sun!

    I will be watching you btw on the melt festival!