New Beta app "gridParty" serialosc app router

  • So here is a simple app I put together before my gridfest performance... it is also the app that broke during the performance... so I think it is safe to say that it is not yet stable enough to trust... it needs to put put through the paces.

    Anyways... what does it do?

    Simple... connect your serialosc ready monome... and it will create 4 proxy monome 64's that will be visible to any serialosc app. From there you can assign any app you choose to any of the quadrants as if they were independant monomes.

    I have chosen not to include the alternate versions of this patch yet (for different configuration)... as they are not stable yet... but in due time :D hopefully I will be able to release a suite in the near future that will have patch's for all possible combinations of monomes out of a 256... as well as a version made specifically for a 128.


  • Just to clarify: This is only for the 256 so far?


  • @hawktopus,

    I believe you can use if on a 128 as-is, but that two of the virtual devices will be meaningless on it.


    I'm unable to test this just now, but before you expand to the suite of files, let me ask... How does this handle multiple instances of itself? Meaning, if you have two 256s running grid party, would those show up as party1-party8, or two copies of party1-party4 that the user needs to keep straight?

  • It randomizes the ports for the services... so they could co-exist... it would just be confusing to tell them apart...

    Perhaps the best option... if you really wanted to have the ability for more grids would be a custom patch for the design you are interested in using.

    I have already discovered a big bug... and any lighting commands done other than using /grid/led/set are broken... I'll hopefully figure this out soon.

    @Hawktopus: Here's an edit for a 128... still not working perfectly though

  • Or I could merge my two 128s into a 256 via one of GriotSpeak's apps, and then split the virtual 256 into virtual 64s via this one. Lots of options.

    But for someone who isn't me... Let's use Daedelus for the crazy edge-case example, because I know he owns a 512 (which is addressed as two 256s), and don't believe he has the full version of max/msp... If he wanted to use this, rather than bribe someone to duplicate your entire suite of grid arrangements and rename the virtual 64s, would it be possible to just make the base name variable (either through an onscreen text field, or an external text file)?

  • It would be very easy to just modify the patch for whatever combination someone had

  • @thealphanerd - just tested the "two 64's" with the 2011 128, running a [grainstorm / straw] combination. i'm happy to report that it runs quite well.

    although sometimes it crashes, during connection.

    also it doesn't work with the pre-serialOSC applications. i guess it's because the serialOSC version of the monomeserial setup OSC ports itself?

    but really glad to see this application! it's a nobrainer for people that would like to split up their monomes to run multiple applications at the same time. thanks!

  • @alpha cool app, fairly useful. I assume you were running it when I was jamming on your setup on Sunday, seemed pretty stable... hope the other bugs work out though!

  • @aryschien

    Weird with the crash's... could you maybe pastebin a copy of the crash log the next time it happens??? As for working with monomeserial apps... I seemed to have it working with the monomeserial maxpatch myself... but sometimes had to manually set the prefix.


    thanks for the kind words. It is somewhat stable... but there are a couple problems that I know about... just gotta figure out the logic to fixing them

  • @thealphanerd - suddenly nothing works today. the max runtime hung whenever i tried to connect an application with "party1" or "party2". it just hung there, not crashed, so i had to force max runtime to quit (command+option+esc).

    i've attached the "crash log". it's quite long. hope it helps.

  • this makes me think you should write an app called gridfest...

  • originally I was going to call it gridfest


  • @thealphanerd

    i've figured out some "rules" to use the [two 64's] application successfully:

    (1) polygome can't be the first application to connect via gridparty.

    (2) the first application to connect via gridparty has to have the "dsp on/off" setting, and the dsp has to be turned on before connected via gridparty.

    i'll experiment some more and see if i can find more "rules".

  • Interesting. Those "rules" should only apply when one or more of the apps generates audio.

    ie, if you ran polygome, blinken park, press cafe and obo together, it shouldn't matter which order you activate them in, because none of those have a dap on/off setting.

  • @GTZ

    what happens here is that, if the first applications connected to gridparty does not generate audio, max runtime stops responding.

    if it does generate audio, but the dsp hasn't been turned on yet, max runtime stops responding.

    so the only way to use the gridparty successfully, in my setup, is that i have to launch an application that generates audio, turn on the dsp, and then connect it to gridparty, and then launch and connect the second application.

    i don't know what's wrong here, but at least now i can split my 128 in 2 (without a saw or an axe :p ) and run applications at the same time. i've been waiting for this for a long time.

  • Hmmm... that is a very interesting problem you are having... I'll try and take a stab at it this weekend to see why that is happening and if it can be fixed.

    Thanks for taking the time to document :D

  • Slight derailment, sorry, I've been waiting for a patch switcher to come out for serialosc, is there one yet. I use it for live performances quite often so I've been using monomeserial for performances still.

  • So McDeltat... there a couple ways you could do this.

    Do you have a controller you could use for patch switching? If so it is not terribly difficult to switch between patchs using zeroconf / bonjour

    If you send a bang in to the second inlet of the serialosc embedded patcher it will connect the patch for you... so you could easily add something in to an app that can receive data from any controller to switch patchs

    If you want something that is more out of the box... perhaps there is a way to make it work... just have to think of how to do it :D

  • Another side question.

    Could you use the same principles here to make a serialosc splitter?

    I want to take 1 monome, in/outs but send them to two apps at the same time.

    So my plan was to use one splitter app, to output to the two end destination apps.

    have you edited the serialosx patch that's included? I'm having a hard time seeing how you have it generate it's 4 instances.

  • you could make an edit of the serial osc patch which would just listen to the messages from the monome and get the button press data.