splitting a 128 in two

  • What's the best (and/or easiest) way to split a 128 into two independent 64s?

    I think there was a way to do it in monomeserial but I'm migrating over to serialosc. I'm no programmer and don't see any ready-made apps that do it, unless I'm missing something. I might be able to deal with some coding if it's really simple. Any suggestions?

  • Hey,

    I don't think quadrants has been ported over yet, but I assume you could use it running the monomeserial bridge

    Otherwise, Pages 2 is serialosc ready and it includes a quadrants page. I have not used the quadrants page itself yet, but it should do the trick.

    Let me know your findings..

  • http://post.monome.org/comments.php?DiscussionID=11900

    Check it out... beta app I'm working on. In the thread should be a download for a version that turns a 128 in to two 64's

    Works transparantly for serail osc... makes two 64's appear in drop down... pretty straight forward.

    It still is a bit glitchy, so it may not work with all apps out of the box

  • Thanks, guys, I'll check 'em both out and report back.

  • There's also the bandsaw solution, if you don't mind ruining your blades (and a 128).

  • Axe is quickest.

  • Viewed through the lens of quantum physics, your 128 is both whole and halved simultaneously. Until you observe it, of course.

    [No monomes were harmed in the making of this comment.]

  • I'm going to have circular saw nightmares now.

  • I did smash and burn my first 128 Hendrix style after a show about a year ago. It ended up in more than 2 parts.

  • you got a video of that dude?
    lot of money to burn on ruining good gear..shoulda made a fake one
    like nin style start playing with a £5000 guitar then suddenly at the end it appears to have turned into a £100 encore that they start smashing up ;)

  • Sorry!! I have no photographic evidence of the remains!

    Wheres the fun in faking it?

  • woops...wrong thread.

  • I think you guys have been pushing too many buttons...

  • I've been pushing buttons for years now. Still waiting for them to push back.