In/Out Fest 2011!

  • In/Out Fest 2011!

    Will take place somewhere in the great NYC end of September/beginning of October. Accepting submissions until July 25. Read below:

    EDIT: i can't spell....

  • awwwww yeaaaaa

  • accepting*

  • fuck to the yeahhh

  • Excellent!!!

  • Fantastic news. I really wished I had made it to last year's

  • update!!!!

    this year In/Out 2011 will be held at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, NY on November 11-12!!!

    Because of this, we have extended submissions until August 29th at 11:59pm. So submit! we would love to have you join us this year!

  • if only i was doing what i was doing last time id join...but im working on some other things now =P so im gunna be in the cave for a while...but i know it'll be dope! thanks for the heads up

  • CheeseNoOnions gonna fill your pipes with submissions!

    "That's yur problem right dare......"

  • D'oh! It needs a pdf for submission; I only have adobe reader. What's a good free pdf creator?

  • Not free, but pretty common....Word let's you save in pdf.

  • @nosire
    LibreOffice is free (and open source) and will let you export as pdf.

  • cutepdf is a nice little app that lets you print to pdf from any application.

  • Submitted. Not a moment to spare!

  • here it is: line up announced! workshops are moved to Death By Audio! tickets are on sale!

    christopher willits
    portable sunsets
    comandante zero
    ivan franco
    and more TBA!

    workshops on max4live with willits, heatit c (an open sourced high voltage board a la arduino), building contact mics, panel discussion on the growth of technology featureing alfred arlington, brian crabtree, and more!
    more info at

    also, please help support this and all the wonderful artists taking part in this year by donating to our indiegogo (and get some SWEEEEET gifts in return!)

  • we were able to get a very "special" (har har) device for our fund raising. Many many many thanks to Brian Crabtree for it!

  • Your donation is supremely appreciated! I figured that Christopher Willits 7" would go very quickly.

    Also, big ups to to Mr. NoOnions and Mr. Sir E, and the other Mr.s and Mrs.s who have helped us!

    We still have a brand new 40h/SE up for grabs, at a very special price point!

  • you know...we should all get on stretta.. :)

    of all the meets ive been to, (aside from AHNE which i was unable to attend) i have yet to see him, and im pretty sure many others wouldnt mind meeting him at the least.

    so how about we all kick up a fuss and nag him to come out! stretta...with all due respect of course...get your f**king ass out here! lol

  • he was at expo74 last weekend.

  • oh, thats awesome, i didn't realize that's how it works. Good news indeed!

  • bump.

  • i so wish i could be there :( i hope it to be an amazing experience for all!