Monome will take info from my computer, but not the other way around.

  • Let me try and clarify.

    Essentially my Monome is not sending any info to my computer or my computer just isn't recognizing incoming information from my monome (when using monome_test, sevenuplive, etc.).

    I opened up monome_test and set it up. When I use my mouse to select the "keypad" or "lights" (while having the toggle pairing on) my monome lights up. However, when I press buttons on my monome, it does not register.

    I've uninstalled and updated the driver twice.

    Windows 7 Ultimate
    MonomeSerial (Host Port: 8000, Listen Port: 8080)

    Thank you for your help.

  • which version of the monome are you using? Have you installed serialosc? Try joining the live chat you can see the link on the left

  • It might be an old version, I'm using MonomeSerial - but everything use to work.

  • I should add that if I've lit up some of the buttons using monome_test i cannot turn them off by pressing them on my monome. I have to unselect them through monome_test.