m-audio axiom 49 or mpd32?

  • anybody have one that is willing to trade?

  • what you got?

    ive got an apc40 and mpd26 possibly willing to let go

  • all i really have is a 40h and a korg nanokontrol

  • you really shouldn't replace your 40h with an apc40... just save up...

    They both have different functions and complement each other nicely

  • i have 2 40h's already and i dont really have a use for both of them...

  • The APC40 IMO really goes hand in hand with the monome better than almost any other controllers. Quite a powerful combo

  • aPre, where are you located? I'm looking to buy a monome in australia

  • im located in the USA...


  • real sorry to hijack the thread here - but, JamesT - if you're interested i'm in australia selling a gs64... couldn't find any other way to contact you. my emails tallevin9 @ yahoo . com

    sorry again aPre!

  • anybody got an m-audio axiom or mpd32?

  • @aPre, my buddy noiseflowr has a mpd32 he's been meaning to get rid of...

  • i had, but just sold both.

  • I have an Axiom 61 here... USA too. I might be willing to trade for 40h...

  • Sorry guys but I just ended up selling it!

    @lokey - let me know if he is interested in selling it because I might be interested in buying it

  • @apre ill hit him up, see how he feels. I suspect he'll be down...

  • ahh, just heard back, its actually an mpd24, not a 32. Sorry. He'd be willing to sell tho'...

  • damn..sorry man but i wanted a mpd32! thanks for checking tho

  • yeah, sorry to get yer hopes up ;|

  • haha no problem...ill find what im looking for sooner or later! if i buy brand new so be it