[music]All the dogs

  • This is monome-less, but I share my monome-related material here so I hope its ok just this once.


    Composed the day after our 13 year old Leonberger dog Bella died very suddenly. This is an elegy of sorts but not a lament; rather it is me calling (in my small way) to Bella's incredible primal spirit.

    Its complicated but her death made me... delicately... approach the subject of an "ancestor dog" or spirit using a tone-poem composition style...

    There are elements of harmonic parallelism but I am additionally using tritone clusters within a pentatonic scale played using my multi tracked wooden flutes and my double bass (but only in sympathetic notes) to hold down the melodic theme. It is played very differently as with The Hidden Language of Birds track.
    Quite a new challenge for me -- perhaps to listen to, also.

    Miss you Bella x

  • Very well done, as usual, and well thought out, too. This is especially poignant for me at the moment because one of our two Cairn terriers (litter-mates, whose 14th birthdays will be on Sunday) has advanced cancer and will likely only last another week or two, if that. It absolutely breaks my heart. I wish I had the skills to write a piece of music in her honor, but I'll have to console myself in the compositions of others, yours included. Thanks. So sorry for your loss.

    EDIT: added photo, just cuz.

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  • :) and :( at the same time. Lovely pic.

    Its hard when they are gone. 13 or so years is around a third of my life, and her absence will take some adjustment.

  • @tanais: Our little "tough nut" lasted longer than we could have hoped, but now that we have had to put Pokey to sleep your piece is even more poignant for me. Thanks again.