good deal on a macbook?

  • I'm about ready to cross over to the dark side (just kidding!) and buy a macintosh computer. My HP doesn't have too much life left in 'er. I figure since I'm starting to get serious with musical endeavors, I should upgrade to more serious equipment (and get involved with pro tools finally)

    I've got my eye on that 13" 500GB macbook that's about $1500. I would like the 15", but let's not get too crazy heh.

    Financing's going to be an issue. I'd really need the 18-month interest-free financing that best buy offers in order to keep up with school payments and such. If any of you guys have connects to good macbook deals, or know when I can expect a price drop, that'd be much appreciated!

  • heads up! i'm not sure if this is still the case but 3 years ago i was using protools on my mac. it's really a great program but one of the bad things about using it on a mac (at the time) was that i couldn't update my os when updates became available unless i wanted to render protools inoperable. i would have to wait usually about 3 or 4 months for digidesign to make a version of protools available for the latest os. and by that time there were revisions to that os. i made the mistake once of updating and had to revert back to an older version. it was a headache for me so i chose to say goodbye to that awesome software forever.

    now, that was before avid took over. maybe they have their s**t together. not sure. but it might be worth checking out if you plan on keeping your os up to date.

  • I would suggest checking Amazon. No sales tax and free shipping with prime membership which you can get as a student for 1 year free. I was able to get my MBP for $200-ish less than if I would have bought it at the apple website and included a student discount.

  • The macrumors website has a buyers guide that gives advice on when to buy which models. For example, Macbooks are due to be updated and it suggests not buying one at this time.