lend your voices and be a part of my album!

  • In a couple months or so I'll be putting out an EP called "Enabler". The first track (still haven't thought of an appropriate title yet) requires a bit of help from you fine people.

    If you haven't seen me in person before, I am a very tall human being. Through most of my life I've been subjected to the silliest observational outbursts about my height, some hilarious and some annoying. I would like to compile some vocal reenactments of these outbursts for this track. I'd like to collect a wide collection of timbres and voices, so if you have a lady friend that'd like to record some lines I'd greatly appreciate it.

    if you're interested (and have decent vocal recording equipment) send me an email at no sir e de AT gmail . com

    I should have a short script and instructions ready for those interested in recording lines within a week. I'll send a demo of the track along in the email.

  • bump.
    still could use a few more volunteers

  • im in to read (already sent you mail yesterday), and in a pinch have a poetess who i collaborate with that would probably be keen to help out...

  • one last bumpppp