more bibo 40h/livid button help needed

  • hello, now that i've got my livid button boards all jumpered together and my ftdi chips flashed with serials that are recognizable, i've started phase two of trouble shooting. when i open up the monome base testing patch i've discovered that that all the lights are showing up mirrored, left is right etc. i tried switching the ribbon cables and that didn't help, so i'm guessing that i have the connections to the ribbon cables on the wrong side of the board? that is my best guess for this one, but i figured that i would ask here before taking them apart and re soldering them in case it's something easier or worse. thanks for any help!

  • Not sure what you keen by this? Do I remember right that you are building a 128 so nave to sets of buttons?

    I would suspect it's cables either way. You should not need to start re soldering though. Just swap over the cables.

  • The livid boards are 4x4 or 8x8? Have a search, there are a few good close-up pics of boards around that show cable orientation.

    Could also simply be a Monomeserial issue. Have you tried changing the orientation choices? e.g left/right/up/down

  • I thought you had used a bibo button board. You can't really go wrong then!

  • I used bibo 40h logics with livid buttons. the boards at face value are four by four but they are scored to be broken apart and arranged in different orders. so to make a monome out of them you need jumper cable in between all of them. after jumpering them all together i connected from the last buttons to the logic boards. however reassessing this: I'm not really sure which way things are oriented here. i'm gonna do some searching through the livid site to see if maybe i have the connections reversed.

    also, trying different cable orientations, for some reason things that have always been left to right or with these logic boards right to left. I loaded up liveclipchopper to see what would happen, and all rows were moving from right to left instead of left to right, changing cable orientation did not help this.

  • ok so i just found this thread: in which cheeseNoOnions goes into great details of his experience connecting livid pcbs to monome drivers from mk kit. and in his post he said that with the silk screening reading the right way he connected to the left and top side of the button boards, I am currently connected to the right and bottom. I think i found my problem! I'll give rewiring this thing a shot, i got a three day weekend and the girlfriend is outta town the whole time so i'm intending on getting my build completely up and running this weekend.

  • Good luck!

  • Sounds like the same issue as the starfire pcb's for the livid buttons, see section 3 here...

    basically you either need to get single row cables (4 8x1 instead of 2 8x2) or swap 1 and 9, 2 and 10, etc on one of cables connecting to the logic. There are pretty pictures and photos in the guide that explain it...

  • aaaahhh, that looks like something that i wish i had seen before hand, haha! will be diving back in to this tomorrow, thanks for the heads up!

  • alrighty, so i cut and twisted the ribbon cables as suggested above, by ambassador hobbes and now everything moves from left to right as it should, however, the columns now light up entirely upon any button press within a column. I know most of the time this is a short somewhere but they are set up exactly the same as when it worked correctly but backwards, after staring at the assembly guide for 40h kits for a while i finally understood why my buttons were moving backwards and needed to be switched so i didn't mess with the columns, just the rows, is it possible that i am connected to the wrong side? i am currently plugged into the bottom of the columns. man i'm confused, hahha! thanks for all the help so far everybody!

  • alright, just unsoldered it and resoldered it to the top just to see and it's still lighting the whole thing column every time so it's definitely a short of some sort, hmm

  • hahhahaha! again something stupid. had connected my ribbon cable wrong to the pin headers, hahhaha! it works!!! it has to be oriented for cable right, but it works!!! soooo hyped, now gotta mimic this with the other one and figure out how to tell it to be a 128, soooo hyped one of em works proper!

  • It's a great feeling isn't it?! So glad it works dude!

  • thank you! i'm hyped! just need to finish cleaning up and build an enclosure now!

  • glad that worked out for you! arduinomeserial is functional using offsets to have multiple boards appear as a bigger one but it's a hassle switching for some patches/applications. Then under serialosc there's "board" and "griddle" but I don't have much experience with those since I can't get serialosc working on my windows machine yet.

  • been reading up about this a bit, figure it's the kind of thing that i should only have to do once. so it should only be a minor headache. we'll see though.

  • man apparently all that only worked in theory, once i put the buttons and spacers on and started pressing stuff i've got all sorts of shorts again. this is certainly an uphill battle

  • something strange i'm wondering about. after using the test function within ardruinome serial an entire column will be registering button presses in the monome base test patch until i hit the clear led button in the monome test patch then it stops. should this be telling me something?

  • ok so i've got some of it figured out. some of it is being caused by the fact that it is not in an enclosure yet, using the livid button boards and having the option i decided to go with the through hole diodes, as i'm terrified of surface mount, however, the through hole diodes sit directly behind the jumper wire points, in the livid tutorial i watched, homeboy says, i like to jumper this stuff with the clipped ends of diodes and leds, so i did that which means that there is raw conductive surface connecting buttons directly under raw through hole diodes, so having it on a hand towel on a table pushing buttons i keep pushing some of the diodes into the jumpers. the other thing, is using livid boards there is nowhere on the button board for a pin header, so i've got the ribbon cable running to the logic boards and then stripped apart the other end and soldering them directly to the board, they move around and wiggle and break and come loose this way. i think i'll see if i have enough pin headers left to connect to all the buttons and solder the wires to them and throw some heat shrink tube around it and then solder that to the button board. if this doesn't solve some of my problems i may just hit my button boards with a large blunt object and order bibo boards and sparkfun buttons, which would be a shame...

  • That sounds like a mess, I'm not jealous haha... if you're going to start over you could just order some starfire button boards to go with your livid pads, mine seem to work pretty well and there's no jumpering involved.

  • i was trying to do that before i ordered the livid boards, however i couldn't find any on the board and when i sent the file to a pcb printing company the response said it was not formatted correctly or some other such business, which i didn't know how to handle, as i've never had pcbs printed before. i suppose if i can't get this working and i want to order starfire boards i could probably get in touch with the person who did the group buy for them a while back and see if they could provide me with info to contact whoever they got em printed from...

  • Bibo was selling button boards in his shop. Not sure if he still is. I would be interested to know as at some point, I feel a third build coming on to get yet more of my friends hooked. The only bit I don't have is a button pcb.

  • Check out

  • bibo does indeed sell button boards there, however i don't want to start over unless i've tried everything and it still doesn't work, gonna try what i mentioned above a couple posts ago and see if that works. but for now today is my first day of work after a three day weekend and we're having a sale, won't be onto finishing this for a little while.