/parallelogram/ ~000 vinyl now available

  • "~000 is the first vinyl release from galapagoose and %, working collaboratively under the /parallelogram/ moniker. this is a limited edition of 200 units, many of which have already been claimed by the benefactors of parallelogram's mlrv 2.0 software release. the remaining inventory is now available for purchase and will never see a digital release..."


  • Just copped me some vinyl.

  • duuuuuuuuuuuudes

  • got it!

    my kid a and amnesiac vinyls came in yesterday too! stttoooooookkkededed

  • put my order in last night! sooo hyped!

  • took the plunge and picked it up. Wish i still had a turntable though (my numark had its whole tonearm assembly sheared off in a move). No digital copies at all though? Maybe after you clear the inventory you'd consider releasing mp3s?

  • @lokey:

  • just ordered....can't wait !

  • got one from a geodesicdome. baller!!! moar wreck chords!

  • How long till they ship?

  • I love the inner loop groove, I had that playing for 10-15min the other day before noticing.

    Also, as crazy as this might sound, the vinyl sounds awesome at 33 and 45 rpm :)

  • bump for my last comment.

  • they're on the way

  • Sweeeeeeet!

  • Good news!

  • yessss!


    Oh, man that locked groove at the end of side A is genius ;-)

  • just got mine yesterday, bumped it for some friends this morning. forgot about the locked groove and let it ride for several minutes, hahaha, great record guys, can't wait to see more from this collab!

  • Got mine the other day. Tight as hell. Thanks a lot, guys! I dig.

  • Finally got mine today,
    great record comes on wax even better !

    Best wishes from Germany,

    / side b is dope /

  • Side B is truly great.

    Where did ya'll get the record pressed? Looks and sounds fantastic.