stribe + midibox brain - video

  • Just saw this: a stribe without the Arduinos (the "uC Hacker Kit") interfaced with MIDIbox and their own firmware - pretty sweet:

  • that is awesoome!

    i will definitely be buying a kit in the future if they are something you continue to sell

  • I have kits in stock, actually. I bought extra of everything for the last run...

  • whoa. did thorsten himself do this?

  • If I had the money, I'd definitely go for a Stribe, would be a great addition to my ever growing list of hands-on, touchy feely, electronic instruments. A monome, a home built lemur, a reactable and a stribe would be a killer combo.

  • Really sweet, like the use of the dual LEDs left side for VU meter right side for adjustments. TK is really a master at his game.

  • I have a similar app in progress but no-where close to what he's already done.

    I'm controlling parameters in Reaktor's "Massive" ensemble with the stribe and MIDI CC, it's pretty fun. I'll put up some video later...