anyone want an iphone touchscreen?

  • Hello all,
    I recently destroyed my iphone via self-directed surgery. I'm just not patient when it comes to hardware :p No big loss, it was a 3G that was running stupidly slow on iOS4.

    Anyway, if anyone knows how or wants to figure out how to hook up the touchscreen via hardware controller, it's yours. I'd love to see it put to use in something nifty and custom! Maybe installation art? I'm just realistically never going to do that sort of thing myself.

    Takers? I'll ship it to you for the price of shipping, plus pics of your project

  • ooo, where you located mate?

  • The Windy City (and currently blessedly warm) Chicago

  • aww man im in scotland haha, ill save this one for a chap in the states! cheers