Gil Scott-Heron and my first track posted here

  • usually when people pass on that i don't know in real life it doesn't really phase me. however when i heard that gil scott-heron passed i was incredibly upset. his music has felt like a good friend over the years, and listening to his lyrics is more like being involved in an active conversation than being spoken/sung to. alltoobrief is part one of my modest gil scott tribute. it was made with samples from his most recent album "I'm new here", the mood is dark throughout the record and i felt it was most appropriate for creating a sonic gut reaction to hearing he was gone. i intend on doing a part two in the near future with some of his more up beat early work that will be more representative of the impact his music has had on me. hopefully this track will be a positive step in keeping his memory and music alive.
    this track did not have a monome involved in it's creation, as i took some time off from my build to make the song. and as it will always be in the future when i post tracks here any feedback positive or negative will be greatly appreciated.