Do any of you use Bandcamp?

  • I just signed up. Haven't uploaded anything yet.
    Do any of you use it?(other than mcrp)
    Do you actually sell stuff there(does anyone buy it) or do you just give it away for free?


    i currently use it to show some of my new tracks for free (or they can name their price...ive had a few that bought them for a few bucks). i like it!


    i like it. free stuff for now

  • Been meaing to, finally did just so I don't loose the name, but i'm not posting any tracks until i make an ep or album. For singles I use soundcloud.

    As a listener, I love bandcamp cause the layout seems most easy to navigate and clean looking to me than any other site.

  • we have one for our label,

    and it's a really fantastic service we wouldn't live without - the fact that they convert our stuff into all types of formats for people to download is sooo good.

    you only have so and so many free downloads, 200 per month, wich means that if you think stuff will be highly wanted, then you'll have to start paying for it to be free. but if you think it's enough, then it's cool to for example set it up as a pay what you want or nothing thing.

    and people buy, if they know about it.

  • the thing that got me turned on it is the download code system.
    i can release cassette tapes and vinyls and so on and include a download code to my bandcamp. if i run out of codes i can order 300 new ones for 9$.

  • yeah got some stuff on there, just a chipmusic EP
    made a cool £3 on the market so far lol
    i used let fan decide from zero to whatever...
    not had much traffic through there either....

  • my rpm-challenge 2011 album is on bandcamp.

    i like the name your price option.
    but it`s no problem for me if they pay nothing.
    made around 6€... hell yeah, two beers for me :)

  • i use bandcamp and have recently posted my new EP. is sent to my bandcamp right now.

    i have it as a pay what you want, so if someone wants to donate they can. i've made some cash from my friends helping out so far. it is also cool how you can have people enter their e-mail when they download so that you can gain a mailing list for people who like your tunes.

    it's an awesome platform to hold all releases and any music i want to post. i just wish it had more promotion along with it some how or being able to follow or track how many people check it out.

  • well, the way I see it, it is a great site that looks good and has very good features, and you would sell just as much there as you would anywhere else, depending on the promotion that leads people there.

    the download-codes are really good and I think bandcamp has the easiest, most flexible and best download-code system even though some other cats like topsin and various others have similar (but external) services.

  • @eelko, not sure what stats you are missing from the site? they have all kinds of analytics you can check out, right?

  • yeah they do! i guess i never took the time to look at everything about it. ok now there's no reason not to use bandcamp!


    i like bandcamp.Big artworks, great quality streaming, better than soundcloud.Perfect for eps and complete albums.

    I just upload a new track.Very different from my ambient and techno stuff.It was a part of a soundtrack for a film that sadly was never done.Free stuff.

    @ nightmorph I listened the whole album a state of mind.
    I can see the warm here, but how i process the songs in my mind i see sadness and melancholia... i don,t know why this film came to my brain after listening your music.

    @ i.morgendoerfer : me too ;)

  • just put out an album on it a couple weeks ago:


    i really like your latest track; it's got a nice, relaxed feel. good atmosphere.

  • @ Bite :

    I've just discovered your track "Fall"

    and i love its "basic channel" spirit.

    want more!!!



  • yeah buddy!

    new EP!

  • -----edited


    free music! people are going to download things anyway, might as well give them a good quality version if they want it.

  • i like bandcamp for lots of things, but i like their philosophy the most. for example:

    (From the FAQ

    OK, but how about making the streams on Bandcamp 30-second snippets?

    We again refer you to the wise words of Andrew Dubber. Here's the abridged version:

    "Music is pretty much unique when it comes to media consumption. You don’t buy a movie ticket because you liked the film so much, and while you might buy a book because you enjoyed reading it so much at the library, typically you’ll purchase first, then consume...But music is different — and radio proves that. By far the most reliable way to promote music is to have people hear it. Repeatedly, if possible — and for free. After a while, if you’re lucky, people get to know and love the music. Sooner or later, they’re going to want to own it...whether it’s a pop tune, a heavily political punk album, or an experimental, avant-garde suite — the key is very simple: people have to hear music, then they will grow to like it, and then finally, if you’re lucky, they will engage in an economic relationship in order to consume (not just buy and listen to) that music. That’s the order it has to happen in. It can’t happen in any other order. There’s no point in hoping that people will buy the music, then hear it, then like it. They just won’t. Nobody really wants to buy a piece of music they don’t know — let alone one they haven’t heard. Especially if it’s by someone who lies outside their usual frame of reference. And a 30-second sample is a waste of your time and bandwidth. It’s worse than useless. That’s not enough to get to like your music. Let them hear it, keep it, live with it. And then bring them back as a fan."

  • oh and my bandcamp page :) nothing much in there but i'm working on it!

  • Yep. You can check out my jams at


  • thats for that quote from the faq; nicely put into words.

  • finally updated my bandcamp:

  • My label uses bandcamp!

  • recently put some tracks online ... you can check 'em out here :

  • Yup

  • this is a somewhat label I started with some friends here in South Carolina....

    free 4 now.....but surprisingly i have made a few bux!

  • Just signed up so nothing will be up for a while, but:

  • some good bandcamp links there!
    mine is

  • oh i have one of these now
    lovely tunes everybody

  • Don't use it myself but I've a hand in this collective:

    And a vaguely related project:

    I warn you to listen with an open mind and your sense of humor engaged.