FS ableton suite box + M4L

  • I would like to sell my Live 8 Suite box and Max For Live licenses.

    Price: 499 Euro.

    The bundle includes:

    Live 8
    Max For Live
    Drum Machines
    Session drum
    Latin Percussion

    I need your full name, email address and your country of residence for the licence transfer.
    Once everything is done I will ship the box with dvds and english manual free of charge.

    Please PM me if you are interested in buying the bundle.

    Have a nice day

  • how much would you sell you m4l for?

  • I am also only interested in m4l.

  • @ xanderology
    @ urbanspaceman

    I sell it for 189 euro


  • my offer for 138 euros stand if u still need to sell because I have a month free trial on both.

    I'll buy both for 250 euros because ableton has had a bundle deal on these recently & I have a feeling they will again soon anyways. I'm not sure if u purchased as an upgrade because thats all i need.

  • @ xanderology

    no thanks

  • If ure still looking to sell the offer is there

  • @xanderology

    thanks, but that offer is not good for me.
    Take care.