• a bit in the past now (in internet time it is an "antique" post)


    i really dig these ideas. so simple and small yet massive. this has inspired me a lot as of late. must....get...dc....motors.... or a log full of worms!

  • NEW ZIMOUN! I am a fan. I remember last year trying to think of what he could make next. And there he goes.

    edit: typo.

  • This stuff is amazing.

  • i've seen that also.
    VERY cool, simple, minimal, beautiful.

  • Yeah, this guy's amazing. Have been following his work for a while. Also check out the Fluxus artist Joe Jones (1934-1993), who was obviously a big influence on Zimoun.


    All those Fluxus artists (LaMonte Young, Alison Knowles, Philip Corner) were (are) way ahead of their time.

  • man, i've never heard of any of this stuff before, very cool work, I especially liked the cave like one and the wall of spinning cardboard squares for their sonic qualities.

  • there is another guy who inspired this stuff a lot, Arthur Ganson, but in a way creepier way. mini simple machines. beautiful, stunning, and truly inspiring!

    @m!g - will check out the Fluxus artists, always looking for more art!