MLRV2 Rage.

  • I can get mlrv2 to work about 1/4th of the time.
    The rest of the time, I open it up, open the monomeserial serialosc replacement thing, and set the prefix to my gs128, and the top row controls light up and respond, but clips wont play back.
    Then I close everything, unplug my 128, plug it back it, open everything, and the loops will play back, but the top row controls wont light or respond, and then i unplug my 128, and my macbook pro freezes and i need to restart it.
    Some combination of this happens everytime i try to use MLRV, and im starting to freak out.
    Im using Maxmsp, ive dropped all the files in the right places, They can be dropped right? instead of copyed? there doesnt have to be another external sitting in the external package for OSX right?
    Thats the only thing i can think of. please help. I feel so useless.

  • dac running in max?

  • I had issues with my DSP settings being out-of-whack that caused similar problems. Make sure your I/O Vector and Signal Vector sizes are not set too low (my signal vector was defaulting to "1" which would freeze my machine). Try setting these to 256 or higher at first. This should eliminate CPU issues as a cause of the trouble.

  • My IO vector is at 256 and signal vector at 256

  • what do you mean Lokey?

  • Make sure you don't have both monomeserial and serialosc installed. If you do, try uninstalling both and then reinstalling just one. I prefer MonomeSerial, but thats just because it won the coin toss when i was setting it up ;) If you're speaking of the prefix in MonomeSerial, it should be set to /mlrv. Hope those things helped.