Monome Base 4.5: SerialOSC Revisions + New Apps

  • It is finally here! After being delayed by finals, forgotten about, and found again, it is here!

    The Monome Base 4.5 includes:
    1. monome_test (complete)
    2. _vu_scroll (complete)
    3. _vu_scroll_256 (complete)
    4. _vu_spec (complete)
    5. _vu_spec_256 (complete)
    6. monome_midi_64 (complete)
    7. monome_midi_press_64 (complete)
    Note: Has not yet been revised to include split channels (see below)
    8. monome_midi_slide_64 (complete)
    9. slide (complete)
    10. monome_midi_128 (complete)

    1. osc_howto (complete)
    2. 40h_serial_howto (Unrevised, not sure how this is addressed)
    3. 256_serial_howto (Unrevised, not sure how this is addressed)

    Good luck, and may the force be with you.

    Now as for monome_midi_press_64.
    a. I started working on the split channel revision at the request of someone in another thread, but for whatever reason my brain melted (headache) and I couldn't figure it out. What I worked on is all still there, so if someone wishes to tackle this, go ahead.

    CHANGES: I made changes to 'p sub' to include the split noteout objects. I added a toggle and number object in the main window, which are hidden right now on lock. I created an if statement to determine if column 5-8 are pressed. What stumped me was how to combine the toggle, that would then begin to route the data to the separate noteout object.

    WIKI has been changed to reflect this.

  • 2011 256/PC/XP/Runtime 5.1.8

    Tried 'Monome_mid_128' and all runs fine on my 256 (top row only obviously). Many thanks for the great work!

  • Good work sir!!!

  • @joe
    You just blew my mind. I honestly didn't even know the 128 was in there. The last time I attempted to work on that was about a month ago and I was having trouble loading all 128 values. So for it to be in there and working is like seeing a double or even triple rainbow.


    thanks for the update. i was just trying some of these, and _vu_scroll_256, _vu_spec_256_dual (and maybe others) only light up the top half of my 256. it looks like they're offset by 8 vertically

  • hmmmmm. Thanks for the note, I'll take a look at it.

    What version of serialOSC are you using? System?

    I don't have a 256 myself so I just ended up increasing the gain so the the leds would go to that range. I would suspect those would be the only ones that are having the problem. Those were originally made by vlad spears and he likes to use bit operators that don't seem to work that well in serialOSC.

  • Mac 10.6.7, using the most recent serialosc (i think... is there a way to check?) I only tried the visualizer apps and slide.maxpat, and all have the same problem. they only appear on the top half of the 256.

  • hmmm yeah I know that there was an error that was occurring with slide due to serialosc. It suddenly started displaying the right most 4 columns when people upgraded to 0.9.

    I don't think there's a way to check what version you have. I believe the current version is 1.0, find it here:

    Note to visinin: is there someway of building terminal commands into serialOSC? I think it would be useful to have a command to check
    1. version
    2. the current state of the server, i.e. on or off.
    3. the typical help command

  • @MCDELTAT If you want, I'll take a look at the vu_xxxx_256 patches and see if I can sort what my past self did back in ancient times. :)

  • @mcdeltat
    I imagin it would work on windows the same but on Mac if you check your active processes (activity monitor) you will see serialosc running. I agree that version should be easily viewable maybe if in the processes monitor instead of just serialosc it could say serialosc and your version.

    But there is probably a reason you asked specifically about terminal commands that I am missing.

  • @Wolf
    Yeah that'd be great. I just don't understand the bit-wise operators in Max so well. But it seems that's where the trouble has been with serialOSC.

  • I just entered using serialosc on my mac and it all works fine.

    But I have two questions:
    Is there a simple way to work with different apps on one monome (as pages or monoroute would do) for serialosc?

    And were the stretta apps already converted for serialosc?

  • @egohygiene,

    pages is now serialosc compatible, thats what i use...

  • What's the status of accelerometer support on serialosc?

  • @lokey
    nice to know. I used to use monoswitch, and I'm considering porting it, but it's kinda up there. Maybe pages will become my new switcher.

  • @lokey: Thanks, I checked Pages, it works perfect. I wasn't aware that it was ported to serialosc.