• howdy everyone,

    i wanted to share my new project, — the gist is to develop an ecosystem of open-source software tools and hardware connector systems for making geodesic structures of human-scale proportion.

    kickstarter link + more informations here:

    please enjoy!

  • Just awesome, I want one. But I have no idea why.

    How easy would it be to cover once made?

  • @jp — the small dome is 40 triangles, the big dome is 105. there's only two type of triangle, so making a cover is more of an issue of time than difficultly.

  • My son would like that much. He would build it over and over again !
    Great idea, I think it's a must-have for me.

  • really awesome project.

  • @% are the triangles technically the same size?

    Just thinking you could make however many triangles you'd need to cover a portion of the top area our of canvas, put velcro on 2 sides of the triangle, then use double sided velcro on two sides of the poles, that way you'd have 1 edge loose to allow air flow (and hopefully make it less parachute like). And it would be easy to put up/take down.

  • backed :-)

    What are the odds I'll get my kit before July 4th ? ;-)

  • jp, awesome, thanks! the triangles are almost the same size. your notion for covering the dome seems like a good one; airflow is important, otherwise these things can pick up & fly away in a big gust of wind...

    the kickstarter ends July 1, dunno if we can deliver by the 4th, but hopefully soon after!!!

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    i hate to use this forum for the purposes of advertising, but i got less than two days left and $700 to raise for the domekit kickstarter to be a success. any promotional consideration to your social networks would be greatly appreciated:

    thank you, and take care!

  • $116 to go!!!

  • i'm happy to say that you have reached your funding goal sir! looking forward to my new dome...

  • awesome! thanks, y'all!