Grayscale 64 + Ableton LIVE Suite 8

  • I have a walnut/tangerine monome 128 and a monome 64 grayscale.

    I bought the 64, along with Ableton Suite, for my bandmate Jean, but it turns out this is overkill. Beauty Pill is, apparenlty, just a one monome band.

    Wasn't sure which one to keep: the 128 or the 64. They're both so lovely in different ways. Gave it some thought and decided ultimately to keep the 128.

    The conclusion: I am selling a Monome 64 + Ableton Live 8 Suite. ("Suite" is the full compliment of instruments, which are amazing.)

    $1100 takes the package. Mint condition. I will ship the monome and the Ableton box and transfer the license to you. Simple.

    Contact me at I'm open to offers, but for right now, I'd like to sell these items together for simplicity's sake.

    The Monome and Ableton Live are perfect companions, for obvious reasons. The combination is truly inspiring. If you're wanting to jump in the monome world, this is a perfect package.

    Contact me at Thanks!

    - c

  • For those who inquired: Now being sold separately.

    Monome is $500 and the Ableton Live 8 Suite is $600.

    The Live 8 Suite is the boxed edition, which includes Session Drums , only available with the boxed edition.

    I am also throwing in a cool set of purchased Live instruments, such as Puremagnetik's "Machine Kits"

    Lemmeknow. Write me at


  • Monome 64 is sold.

    The Ableton Live 8 Suite is available now for $600.