MB808 PCB & Parts

  • I'm selling my MB808 stuff.

    I just don't have the time to build this.

    It's one of the first 10 boards sold. (this means that the leds in the switches need to be reversed, I have already done this) otherwise AFAIK it is the same as the other PCBs out there.

    It comes with burnt PIC, pots, button switches (these were expensive!) and most of the ics/transistors/capacitors/resistors needed. I will be making a full list of these components over the weekend and will update here.

    I'm in Melbourne, Australia. Will ship almost anywhere.

    Make an offer.... patstormont at gmail.com

  • http://imgur.com/a/5Hofy

  • I'm interested, I'll email you right now!

  • OK, I'd be happy with AUD$400 shipped to the US/UK....