FS: gs-64

  • I'm selling my very gently, and almost barely used GS 64 from the August 2010 run because shortly after, I bought a walnut 128 and don't see myself needing both of the units. Looking to get the original price, $500 and would prefer to ship to the states only. Could arrange local pickup in Manhattan. Pictures attached. Email if you're interested.

    email: i s o t o p e o f m e [AT] gmail dot com

    774 x 518 - 313K
    774 x 518 - 296K
  • hey, i'm looking to purchase this from you, but this will be my first monome; would you say it's a good buy for a beginner? i'm just looking to get something to work with and understand all there is about monomes.

  • maxspace - Yes, I think it's a great way to start. I started with it, and "upgraded" to a 128 when I started integrating it into my process.


  • Also... bumpity, in case anyone is looking.