triggering sounds from ableton with gs64

  • was wondering if there is a monome app that lets u trigger ableton sounds from the monome midi thought molar did but was told different if anyone can help let me know thanks.

  • "sounds in albeton" is a rather broad term here. molar does this.

    do you mean clips or vst's or something else?

  • well, molar certainly does midi, amongst many other applications. But there are so many ways to skin this cat, so you need to be more clear. Doyou want to trigger clips? instruments? OSX or windoz?

  • running osx macbook pro, monome gs64, just want to trigger clips drums instruments want to mess around with several sounds or if someone could help me with finding sounds to put in molar. hope this was enough info. basically wanting to add to my live set.

  • well, i would definitely recommend you review the live manual regarding midi routing into and outof live, and between tracks. You're going to need a number of techniques, i suspect...

    If you're still using monomeserial rather than serialosc, then you can use the monomeserial midi output to send midi data to ableton. Turn on 'track' if you want to pipe midi into an instrument or sampler. Turn on 'remote' if you need to midi map things like clipslots. If you set ableton up to send remote feedback out to the monomeserial port, you can get feedback re: clips etc.

    But, if you want to stay the molar route, you can pipe midi from the molar track to an instrument track. If you want to trigger clips, then you will need to use the iac bus to loop the midi out of the molar track, out the iac bus, then set the iac bus in to 'remote'.

    If you get into Pages, you can use its excellent clip launcher, as well as molar through the external app page. But be prepared for a bit of study and setup, for pages and molar both. Very useful tools though. Good luck...

  • think im doing something wrong cant get molar to work the lights blink all crazy and makes ableton run at like 200% help please

  • molar keeps crashing ableton can anyone help thanks

  • Molar version? On monomeserial?

  • using molar with monome gs64 running monomeserial

  • which version of molar are you running? And you get a crash when you drop the vst onto a track? When the transport is running or off?

  • do you have m4l? 7up can do a lot of things at the same time in live.

  • actually was wondering about 7up because had max trial but never bought so om guessing u have to buy max to run any of the max programs. cant just use max runtime. and yes it crashes when transport is running.molar 10b29-1 let me know if this helps

  • you need a paid copy of m4l for m4l apps, but you can run any max apps just fine with the runtime...

    not sure whats going on with molar there. Config file is in the right place? If you start with an empty one track set, drop in molar with the transport off, then it crashes if you start the transport?