[video] light showers (electrified)

  • http://vimeo.com/25174976

    collaborative effort between myself and weldroid, who's just an awesomely talented artist. the project originally began as a late-night solo piano improvisation (http://soundcloud.com/ioflow/20110331-1) i recorded back in march. weldroid liked that enough to send me his fantastic interpretation of the piece, which eventually led to this video. quite a startling, vivid transformation.

    i performed this live, unrehearsed, using rove on two 128s, including my new gs128, spanned by griddle into a virtual 256. more production notes are on the video page.

    audio is also available for download on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ioflow/ioflow-weldroid-light-showers

  • Good work. I like this quite a lot.

  • Like the tune. But is that bass extremely overdriven? or is that partly distortion from the live recording?

  • thanks, guys!


    the recording was all done inside the box, with the audio samples from rove being piped directly into a .wav recorder. the bass is probably supposed to sound like that -- you're talking about the bass sample a few rows from the bottom of the monome, right? or do you mean the bass, in general?

    if it's the former, then yeah, that's its character. if it's the latter, vimeo's transcoding may be partly at fault. it always does some weird compression even when fed its most desired codecs (h264+aac@44.1khz). that, or the ffmpeg aac encoder on linux did a poor job before it was uploaded to vimeo.

  • ...oh how I miss the gs! :'-(

    Awesome track btw.

  • beautiful track :)

  • thanks, folks!