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  • i haven't made tunes in quite some time; partially because i had my mind on other things && partially because i'd grown tired of the way i was making them. it didn't feel fun, it felt contrived, uninspired. so i stopped making tunes.

    recently, i moved my music gear away from my central workspace and set up a new music nook in the corner of my room (image attached). at the center of the configuration is a tascam cassette four-track i found in my basement. what began as some knob turning emerged into two tapes worth of mixing and weaving lost beats and field recordings amongst synthesizers and sounds found. it was very refreshing and transformative. i made this for me, but perhaps y'all will enjoy it, too.


    download (125mb):

    1200 x 896 - 931K
  • yeah dog!

  • Beyond Epic

  • thanks dude! Always good to see the buddha boxes out and about. Good stuff...i like the turn of phrase that is 'sounds found'...

  • listening now - very nice - i too subscribe to the "nook" method - take just a few pieces out at a time to focus on - it can work wonders for your creativity in short little bursts.

  • lovely stuff here..thanks for sharing.

    You still have that % sound even though you changed your studio around....a good thing.

  • +texture+texture+texture+++!!!!
    just leveled up the cassette tape dubbing genius and are presently melting my brain.

    also —— soundcloud stream whilst slow internet downloads = best idea ever!

    loving the vocal snippets you've spliced in (just heard "ambiguity")

    ~inspirational as always~

  • mind. blown. thank you.

  • *this is sharp! damn, great work. intuition and improvisation . thank you for adding on. we are on similar wave lengths these days (as far as tapes scattered around synths goes).

    good music with this absinthe..

  • I'm with you on the cassettes, still lagging behind on the synths :-(

    This is great.

    I too like to just grab some stuff and go expariment with it. Never sounds this cool, but often leads to something new and exciting (for me).

  • sounds like it was a lot of fun to make. it's very nice to listen to also. thanks for sharing the tunes!

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    thank you for kind vibes eerbody, much appreciated.

  • never stop!

  • really diggin' this. such a unique blend of rhythm and textures. thanks for sharing.

    i'm really curious, why tapes? what does % use all those tapes for, aside from the tascam 4 track cassette recorder? there's got to be some techniques or uses he has for cassettes i'm not familiar with...

  • I've listened to this about 4 times now, its quite awesome. Thanks for sharing with the world!

  • thanks for sharing %, great tunes !

  • @elquinto — tapes are linear, you can't skip forward or back. instead, you have to travel, go on a journey. you can get lost, because there's no compu-index.

    i have a portable cassette deck (in the nook photo attached to the first post, bottom left corner). there's a potentiometer patched into the motor, which lets me control speed. speed is then variable, and mapped directly to pitch. there's also a momentary switch that stops the motor. this fluttering can be heard in the track around the 7:00 mark (the tape used is 'seapeace' by georgia kelly — such wonderful harp sounds; haunting + delicate)

    && thanks everyone for kind vibrations. take care, keep wigglin'

  • loved it!
    thanks homie

  • love it man, thanks for the good tunes and good work you do!

    i've also been wanting to get a casstte deck to mess around with recording and re-recording! so this is definitely some inspiration.

  • bitchin!

    damn itunes is acting funny though