new video (input/output)

  • okok, i know i have like 2 weeks left....
    but i had the afternoon off yesterday, and i started messing with the samples and bang,
    new video
    tentatively titled "in then out"
    feast your eyes on my windows movie maker hecka effects!!!!!
    thanks doods...

  • holy shit dude. like seriously. mad respect.

  • nice one!

  • yo %.....
    that sample of yours was the freakin catalyst.....
    that shit was fresh!

  • you're not human are you?

  • so ill edison...that effects pad does work with the monome too. great job.

  • That is some sick shit, man.

  • pr0ps kid!

  • yep, does it for me
    crackin' :-)

    do you have anywhere with mp3s of these tracks for download?
    would love to be able to listen to them off line

  • not yet....comin real soon.....

  • Wow, man. Just wow. Such skills. Bravo.

  • crackhead..

  • hahaha ^

  • nice nice nice. skillzzzzzz

  • damn.

    that was so hot.

    my ears are burning.

    amazing skills.

    just so sick.

  • Ah, I hate you for making me realize just how much I suck with the monome. :)

    You've got skills.

    Edit: Hey, are you using an altered version of mlr? It looks like you have more than 4 groups going.

  • thats the aes version.....
    6 groups

  • That was wicked!

  • I listened to your track kill tone 2 on meanSpace. Dude!! I thought it was Why? (artist on anticon records) for a second. I just saw him the other week, f'ing dope. No...I swear that is Why?. Is it a remix?

    Good stuff.

  • ...haha
    yeah that was a remix contest i lost,
    but i was feeling how it turned out so i just posted it.
    yeah that is an odd nosdam beat that why? and the dude from TV on the radio sang on.....
    uh....its off the odd nosdam album "level live wires"
    sorry for the mix up....
    i swear it says remix......
    i'll have to check again
    and yes why? is ILLLLLL live
    good band!

  • this definitely sets the bar for the i/o project...i'm shaking in my boots man. crazy stuff.

  • Absolutely amazing.

    Along with % - you 2 guys make me sick!

    Reminds me of Jels finger ninja stuff.