Arc 2 for sale

  • got an Arc 2 for sale, in mint condition !

  • hey i take it please contact me computingmusic at gmx dot de

  • interested as well, generalzodschicken at gmail dot com

  • I will buy it RIGHT NOW!!!

    willing to pay any price

  • I didn't know that so many people were interested. Please make offer.

  • 1 billion dollars !

  • (I wonder if that's technically a contractually bidding agreement, ho hum)

  • Depending on whether it's scratched up or whatever, $500

  • it says mint...

    benjth should probably post an image though

  • I'm willing to pay $700 to $800.. One sold on ebay for recently for about 620.
    I also have a monome 256 that i'm trying to downgrade to a 128, so I have that to offer as well.

  • It is mint. I'll post images tonight. Otherwise, I'm based in Paris France.


  • Would like to see a picture but I'm pretty determined ;)
    How much are you asking for?

  • That's a heck of a poker face that you've got there Shamus. ;-)

  • @benjth Go for a thousand! Dude's on his knees!

  • Interested. Not on my knees though.
    I'm in Belgium. That saves on shipping.
    bert (at) 103 (dot) be

  • benjth: full price + hugs + kinectmonome mentoring (or moar hugz!).

  • I'm come in paris this week end... please write to thehand (at)
    thanks !


  • i would take it as well can you write me a mail please computingmusic @

  • i have an arc 2 that i will consider selling or trading, maybe (i am not looking for $500 or a 64).

    perfect cosmetic condition, always rests on a wool mat.

    pm me with offers and i will reply.

  • hey away message i would trade for my 64 version my mail you see in the messages before from me in this discussion

  • @away message

    I will buy your arc 2 asap, you can email me at

    much appreciated.

  • hey i would also buy it and i have a lot of stuff for trading

  • I have an Arc 2 .0 for sale

  • Looks like this thread is old -- still have the Arc?