buttons not responding, but LEDs work

  • My monome's been running wonderfully since I got it right up until a couple nights ago. I was using it just fine on Sunday night, but on Monday I couldn't get the buttons to respond. LEDs are working perfectly.

    I have a 2010 mk128, running on OS X. So far I have:

    - restarted the comp
    - reinstalled FTDI drivers (including a restart after)
    - made sure the OSC ports correspond with each other
    - made sure I'm using the latest monomeserial (i haven't touched serialOSC yet)
    - checked for solid ribbon cable connections
    - switched USB cables
    - switched USB ports on my comp
    - gave it a compliment

    I'm trying to rack my brain to see if I can remember changing anything. Is talc conductive? Maybe some of it got onto the board. No liquid has come near it, to the very best of my knowledge.

    What else should I check to try and narrow this down?

    Thanks guys

  • Did you run mk_set?

    I'm dealing with unresponsive buttons as well...

  • I haven't run it since I first built it. I'll run it again, see if it helps.



    running mk_set again did it! Thanks syscrusher!

  • Glad that did it!