128 on ebay

  • hi, i just put my 128 on ebay.
    it is as new, everything exactly as it was received from monome.


    any questions can be posted here, through ebay, or you may email me directly:

    anthroid [located upon the plain of gmail]

  • Why are you selling it?

  • to fund a long overdue project.

  • wow. currently just under $1300.

    there's a crazy demand for these things...

    I guess i'll just bide my time on the 128 waiting list (i'm probably #1000 or something)

  • wow. i would have been happy breaking even.

  • You could always donate the proceeds back to Brian and Kelli to help fund further development of these wonderful products! (Not trying to throw jabs, I know you didn't force the bids up)

    I'm sure they could have chosen to charge double the price they did on new monomes and still sold them all, but fortunately they had the business ethics not to gouge. IMO, that's part of what makes these the great products they are, and monome the great company that it is. There are few companies out there that I can say I am proud to support. Monome is at the top of that list for me.

  • Sold! For $1475. I thought I wanted it bad. Not bad enough, I guess.

    I appreciate that they're trying not to gouge artists on pricing. But I believe that The Market is The Market. If people are not given the option to pay market value for something in cash, they'll pay some other way. Probably in Time.

    The Market is clearly saying that these devices have a market value much greater than $800. But how much more? $800 plus six months of lost Time spent waiting for the next batch? For those of us at the end of the list: $800 plus eighteen+ months waiting? Well, now $675 for what amounts to an eighteen-month lease on a 128 doesn't sound so unreasonable, especially if you can score seven $100-gigs in that time. Maybe $1475 is a steal?

    So, yes, I'm a little bitter that the 128s don't list for $1300. If they did, I'd probably have one now and the guys at monome might be living in larger houses [or apartments?]. We'd also be missing out on some great work produced by some great artists who wouldn't or couldn't have sprung for the extra $500. Always a trade-off. I'm just pissed at myself for being so late to the party.

  • @jez:

    I get what you're saying. I would have paid more for my monome, too.

    But regardless of the value the market puts on a given product, if the retail price offered is too high of a percentage above the manufacturing cost, it just opens the door to competition that can produce a product knock-off overseas for a fraction of the price. When the market competition for a given product goes into price wars, the product's demise often soon follows.

    Now, the resale market is a different story. Though it is partially driven by demand, it is often driven more by the profit sought by the seller. Ebay does have a "buy it now" option, after all.

    But I know, I know. It's an "auction" site. Highest bider takes all.

    Yay, capitalism!

  • I got in a flame war with someone recently who was being quite nasty to a fella that was selling his to fix his car. I find that it isgreat that there is a market willing to pay to not wait in line for one of these. That says a lot for the boxes the monomes are. Jes echoed what I was saying when the flamewar started: People are not paying extra for the monomes itself. They are paying to jump in line. They could always wait long enough and get a monome for the original value if they wanted to...

    Congrats to anthroid. but especially, grats to the winner of the auction. You are gonna love your 128.

  • You cant set a price based on a few transactions that are made when supply is very limited or non exsistent.

    Looking at the bid history we learn that two (2) people feels that the 128 is worth more that the original price.

    garbnzgh( 8 ) US $1,475.00
    Apr-11-08 08:48:27 PDT

    a***v( 1 ) US $1,450.00
    Apr-12-08 09:27:00 PDT

    a***v( 1 ) US $1,320.00
    Apr-11-08 08:02:20 PDT

    garbnzgh( 8 ) US $1,271.00
    Apr-07-08 14:48:08 PDT

    a***v( 1 ) US $1,250.00
    Apr-11-08 08:01:54 PDT

    f***o( 2 ) US $820.00
    Apr-10-08 05:42:42 PDT

    n***e( 63Feedback score is 50 to 99) US $800.00

    I think the Monome is priced right for the market.

    Ps. your 5k gets my 256 =)