Chicago Show @ Memories

  • Howdy all,
    I'm performing on July 10th at Memories in Chicago. I'm still really new to performing, so I'd love any support out there. I'm under the impression it's a dive/punk bar, so am anticipating playing to a somewhat disinterested/hostile crowd. Good times for a n00b, lemme tell ya!

    Anyway, lineup includes:
    Rabid Fang (experimental/punk/progressive)
    Jeekoos (dubstep)
    The Bohemian Spaceship Project (experimental hip hop)
    Eraserhead (I have no idea, can't find any info on these guys)

    Anyone from Chicago out there? come say Hi!

  • Ha! I'm opening for The Bohemian Spaceship Project here in Bloomington, IN on the 13th (not trying to hijack or anything). One of them is a monomer as well "Ringo Wong" (on the forum) aka The Archeologist".

    Break a nail ;-)

  • Oh cool! Wish I could make it out to the show. Yeah, I'm opening for them b/c they found me on here, through the Renegade Lights show in Chicago. They didn't make it out, but they saw us piping up about it here. Way to go monome connections!

    I will uh, definitely, er, break a finger? yeah

  • aww man! we're really stoked for this tour, and really stoked to play with both of you (everyone else as well)

    monomes unite!!

  • "Break a finger" substitute for intact digits:

    "Record your set!"

    So wish to be in Chicago and Bloomington for these...