Free video Ableton tutorials?

  • It's about that time that I start getting serious and switch to Ableton for producing and live work (from Acid)

    Anyone know of a good free tutorial series available on the interwebz?

  • Check out beatportal on youtube, they've got a ton of free ones. For a methodical process I got a copy of the videos from a friend for Live 8 101 by which are great. Then just start obsessively reading music blogs and facebook pages, you'll find tons of links. The ableton and ableton colorado facebook pages have a ton of good info.

    *when I said beatportal I meant dubspot. But beatportal has a bunch of good stuff on their blog too.

  • the manual for ableton is one of the best manuals i've ever seen. i'd check that for the basics, then see videos for specifics.