music is better with you monome community


    san diego

    i love that place, like this one.

  • ooooh baby think the music sounds bettah with yoooooouuuuu

  • san diego, represent!

  • oops, i meant to link to here:

    new song!

    house from a home is the jam

    respect from LA

  • take note of the sweet arc picture ;]

  • san diego! i might be up there at year's end, or very early next year, if all goes well! w00t!!!!

  • i like it. At first it don't interest me much. But as i was about to stop listening it began to draw me in. It's turned trance-like but without sounding trancey.

  • thanks baubie, I am glad you like it [: i wanted this piece to continuously pull the listener in more.