[video] Edison inspired but not as cool

  • A quick little at home performance video on my block. the reason it is labeled as not as cool as edison is that i'm honestly not coordinated enough to do all the drumming and everything else, but his videos have had me thinking a lot about ways to make my live sets more interesting. what i've been doing is 1/4 bar drum sequences that i bounce between in different orders to make different rhythms, all one shots nothing loops. i lose track of things a bit in the end. video quality is crappy as hell. any comments or criticisms on technique or the track itself are entirely welcome! hope yall enjoy it!


  • Crit:
    Need some serious head bangin going on to be on par with Edison. I mean like shermed-out bobble-head head bangin. Nothing less will do ;-)

    The rest will come with time and practice, I'm sure.

    Dope lil beat you got going though.

    Personally, I use loops a lot because I use mlr aes. I don't let stuff loop to much though, some samples do get tired quickly, but I haven't found a reliable way to fire off one shots on my other devices with my current setup.

    After my next live gig (last one for a while) I plan on re-vamping my setup and material for something more Edi-esque I guess or maybe something Galapagoose-ish.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Great stuff. Have you checked out the "under the hood" video where edison describes his technique?


  • @cheesenoonions
    i have watched that vid many times, my main thing is hitting the eighths and sixteenths, all the little bits of the drum parts and not getting my fingers crossed or missing something else, i can't keep it all going, but i like the idea of the melodies and bass and all that being one shots because of the things you can do letting things drop out for a beat and that sort of thing.

    thanks for the kind words!

  • @talks
    i know what you mean about the head banging, i don't know how edison does it without losing the whole track! haha!
    i had been using live clip chopper exclusively for my sets prior but there's only so much sample rechopping i actually do in a set so it ended up being a lot of me standing there for most of my songs. i'm still experimenting a lot with playing this stuff live, in between playing shows, it makes it hard to practice new ways of doing things when you have to practice for a set that you don't want to suck at. i'm really liking this way of setting things up right now though, enough stuff that needs my immediate attention to not be able to just stand there but still within my abilities to keep it together. and i figure practicing this way enough will eventually lead me to be able to do more intricate stuff live.