i spend more time on this forum than i do the rest of the internet

  • i appreciate all of you a lot.

    this community adds so much to the noise inside my head.

    you inspire me.

    you challenge me.

    you entertain me.

    you are open and thoughtful.

    ...all while demonstrating a consistently strong value system.

    even if there is something greater for us to achieve, nothing is more valuable than protecting each other.


    *edited for missing the word 'a' three lines up. it's ridiculous how ocd i am with posts. i need to slow down, proof read, get it right the first timeand then post. i bet if you were to search my posts, over 60% are edited. okay my ocd rant is over.

  • lulz. you drunk? :)

  • amen brother.

  • amen break!
    it's crazy to see i've visited this place 3726 times... :/

    edit: and this number doesn't include visits without signing!

  • ^ tell me about that !
    I can easily take my visit counts x5.

    OK, x3 is realistic..

  • Hahahaha !
    @Str8: seriously, first I thought you've completely lost yourself !

    edit: Cheeeeers!

  • Hello, my name's antiphon and I'm a monome community addict.

  • First of all, Secondly the other problem with you kids today is that your soft.
    Do yourself a favor and buy some man cream the next time your at the store.

    In conclusion, most of my bookmarks are these threads with lots of sub-folders.
    A big thanks to you guys for all of the selfless sharing of general knowledge, up to tips, tricks, and tutorials, apps and rants.
    That goes for you too away message

  • man cream?

  • pommade? I'm a dapper dan man myself...well, no. That's not true. But i do play one at parties...i mean, i'd like to...

  • Man cream. You heard right.

    Apply to chest area and you'll grow hair and some balls.
    It'll also turn your foo-foo ambient sets with the mood lighting on your projectors into guitar- shredding/bust your head wide open thug core accompanied by some kick-ass pyrotechnics.

  • ^who wants to grow balls on their chest?

  • I bet joe mama would!!

  • I've got a bunch of old, fuzzy tennis balls lying around. Do those count? Cuz without those I've barely got balls at all.

    Time for some man sauce! (Ahem. I mean man CREAM.)

  • quesadilla con queso, tapatillo, y salsa. nom nom.