Tortured Piano & 64 Fingers

  • So to avoid the hellish NY heat, and stay dry in the freakish cloudburst we had today, I downloaded the free "Tortured Piano" sample set from Hiss and a Roar, and loaded them into 64 Fingers (monome app). Following a rollicking good time playing and recording that, I dropped it into cubase for some overdubs with the modular & other toys. The distorted bass-ish bit and the ploinky bits are modular. The pad is matrix 6r.

    My industrial roots are showing a little more than they normally do in this one.

  • That was great. I just played it three times in a row. :]

  • Thanks man, it was fun to play.

  • hey, awesome, i just copped that samplepack, planning to do something myself with the noises (and aren't they great, such timbre and character to it all). Good work!

  • I'm sure you'll have fun with them, they're really amazing. I don't typically lay out cash for sample sets... well, never, in fact, but I think I'm going to buy the full set from them. Check out the soundcloud page that has other tunes on it too. My fav is Weaponized Piano

    This guy's got some epic in his pocket, and the samples really lend themselves to that kind of thing. The drop in this tune is mind bending.

    Thanks for the props!

  • yeah weaponized piano is great! good share and nice track yerself dood.

  • this is a fresh track! feelin the discordance!

  • thanks both.