See You Guys In Two Years (Well I'm Back-And With Fury)

  • SUPER EDIT!!!!!:
    Well I just got back yesterday in the Ontario CA Airport. I had 20 hours of flying. Uruguay to Miami, Miami to Dallas, Dallas to Ontario. Kinda wiped out, but I wanted to let you know I'm backkkkkkk!

    I've learned a mountain of lessons, learned two languages (Spanish and Portugese (do Brasil)), but we can talk about all that later. I've got a lot of plans to get through, so maybe you won't see me here too much at first. Better, I'm going to try to contribute more to the community. When I signed on I realized all my discussions were kinda of pointless jajajaja. I was kinda dabbing my finger in everything at once and it didn't go so far. Now I've got focuses and I'm going to my time to them. We shall see fruits.


    Hey there guys, it's been great learning experience over the last two years or so. I've learned several new programming languages, gained electronics experience, and greatly increased the logic present in my coding. For all those things I thank you guys.

    As some of you may know already, I'm leaving tomorrow morning to serve a mission for my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (factual, not meant to be preachy). I'll be in Uruguay in many different cities for two years simply helping the people out and sharing the gospel. I'm looking forward to walking a lot, meeting all kinds of new people, and finding out what "winter" means.

    As such I have to leave all my projects and instruments here, as well as the fact that I won't have access to a computer, thus this is a goodbye for two years. I can send/receive hand written letters and email family once a week for a half-hour. To find out what I'll be up to, you can follow my blog here:

    I'm in the process of changing it as I type. It'll be updated once a week (prob the same day), I'll email the post to my mother and she'll post them for me. My address will find it's way there too.

    As for my unfinished projects:
    1. My SN Voice Synthesizer Module sadly didn't get completely finished (two more days would have done it). I have 60% of my panel wired up, then I just have to tune it, but that won't happen today soooo. It's sadly getting very carefully boxed up with lots of bubble wrap or newspaper. It'll be first thing on my list when I get back. I love the sound of that module.

    2. DMX Revolution: Many moons ago I started a project way too big for one person. It was meant to be a full fledged lighting board programmed in MaxMSP. In it's current state I can't even call it a prototype because I left out half the features (including show recall, pattern looping, a timeline object, and loops like in Ableton.) All it can do right now is send data over all 512 DMX channels. I barely added monome support a week ago. It isn't customizable. For beginners I suppose that would suffice anyways, so I'm planning on tying up the ugliness and posting instructions on how to get it working before tonight ends. We'll see how that goes.

    That's it for now. I wish you guys well and I'll see you in two years.

    -Aaron C.

  • Hey - good luck and I hope it is an entirely enriching and expanding experience for you! I've sometimes thought about extended travel in a foreign country in a position of service. Alas, my path has not led there. For now, I serve where I stand. I suppose that will always be true.

  • Best of luck with everything dood!

  • "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints"

    I remember that awesome Alfonso Ribeiro commercial from back in the 80s!
    (now i'm gonna be singing it all day... "mr. robinson mr. robinson/what a horrible mess/ i broke your window with my ball/ and i've come to confess....The stuff from which heroes are made!" ah, definitely a staple of my televisioning youth... convinced me to tell the truth often and everytime i'd get in trouble anyways. it was obviously because I couldn't sing the truth like Alfonso. Damn you, Alfonso! :D)

    Be safe in Uruguay, and good luck with everything.

  • @Raja
    Wowowowowow. HAHA. I'm too young to have witnessed those, so it's hilarious that you bring that up.

    I feel you. I think music can serve as inspiration in of itself, so keep doing what you're doing, it definitely brings about a positive change.

  • "...mission for my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints."

    It's ok to tell us you're a Mormon. We won't judge ;-)

    Hope you find the experience rewarding. They need you out there. And God speed!!!

  • 2 years away from music and electronics :O
    That would be a frightening prospect for me.
    But best wishes from me!
    I will be greatly interested in your updates on tumblr.
    Travel safe!

  • Good Luck! Field record if you can!

  • Sounds like a big sacrifice in the name of the greater good. Good for you. Service in the name of religion--or anything else--can be a great thing. Best of luck.

  • @cheese
    hmmmmmm. Good last minute idea. Don't have a field recorder. Maybe I can just video it and strip the audio when I get back.

    I forgot to mention, since I generally always am creating something, I decided that I'll pick up my writing. I have some 6 short stories and 1200-ish pages of poetry I've written over the years. So that's my medium while I'm gone.

  • @mcdeltat

    plus one on field recording! you should really consider that!

    also: be safe, have fun, make new friends.

  • Good Luck and safe travels ser! I'll echo the 'bring a recorder', I had some awesome recordings from my travels in Colombia, it's a rare opportunity in my mind...have fun and do well by those you meet...


    be sure to hit me up if you get to peru, by some reason! be safe! you'll have a great time in uruguay, it's lovely.

  • "I'm in the process of changing it as I type..."

    I don't doubt this because you are one of the most prolific dudes ever. I'm always amazed at all the various projects you have gotten yourself into.

    I wish you the best of luck in Uruguay. You are a strong man to devote two years of your life to the greater good.

    Good luck Aaron and come back to the states with all that amazing energy!

    All the best!

  • Hello World! No that was not generated by a computer! Just realized though that the new forum doesn't bump updates, only new posts. So therefore my questions here.

    First important return question: Where can I buy ribbon cable not in bulk (small amounts)? Looking for 12 conductors, 22-24 AWG. My first project I want to finish in my SN Voice Modular synth. My problem lies in the front panel wiring. The only thing I need: ribbon cable. Mouser, Digi-Key and others only sell it in like 300ft boxes for $100...... that'd almost be more expensive than my synth. So let me know. Thanks so much.

  • Hey dood! welcome back!

    regarding ribbon cable. ebay? or a local electronics hobby shop? we have on this side of the pond...

    so how did your adventure in south america go?

  • !

  • Spent a good deal of time looking around and to no avail.
    1. Ebay is really unorganized with this kind of thing.....
    2. Sadly, the only electronics shops in my city are radioshack (doesn't have it) and a really old school guy that sells parts from the 80's (only worth it to go sometimes).
    3. Jameco looks promising but once again they don't have my spec. 12 conductors-22-24AWG.
    4. I found a place named cicoil that looks like they have promising quality, but really expensive. They say they sell to digi-key for orders above $20 but less than $50, but didn't see anything that isn't bulk.
    Note to anyone building their own stuff: If I were you, don't choose small gage wires! I only need it because that's how the circuit is built.....

    And now for my question: I found these guys, which don't have a 12 conductor, but I was wondering if it's all good to just buy a 16 conductors and tear off 4. I can find uses for pairs of 4 conductors (I think?/Arduino?/Breadboards?) Really good price. $0.19 per/foot Inc - Cable_ ribbon_ 300V_ 26-14C_ - 57034-4-00/
    Note: Although good price the lady was less than friendly when I called. I asked her if the price was by foot (doesn't state), her sarcastic response: "Obviously that's a yes.... please."

    Opinions?: I'm seriously considering that last site and moving on with the last phase of my project. Thanks guys.

    EDIT: @tehn: Really clear and to the point. I kinda had decided that beforehand, but wanted to document for other diy people. thanks.

  • tear off 4.