[video] soft photons

  • http://vimeo.com/26990774

    lightbounce. generative. physics. electronica.

    featured application: refmatrix (midi/serialosc edit): http://post.monome.org/comments.php?DiscussionID=12574

    . . . which is then connected to renoise. this serialosc version runs just fine on linux, inside wine. it's a lot of fun.

    process notes are on the video page. you can download the audio on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ioflow/soft-photons

  • Agreed!

    The drums in particular are intriguing as all get out. Are you using refmatrix to trigger notes, or using notes from refmatrix as triggers to beat juggle?

    'cause, that's a brilliant idea.

  • thanks, guys!

    refmatrix is just triggering plain ol' notes at the default 500ms value, though i did run the velocity of the percussion to 40 or so. the lo-fi drumkit was spread out on the "sample keyzones" tab in renoise, with its own dedicated track and midi channel. the whole setup isn't complicated at all. two instrument banks, one effects rack, one generative app, two controllers. the piece just had some complex interaction once it was all combined.

    there's no beat juggling/triggering going on. i had one master effects rack feeding both tracks: delay and reverb. the former's tempo is set to match the track bpm, with the beat subdivision set to 4. setting it to even values like 2 or 4 gives it a nicely reinforced vibe, with higher numbers adding extra complexity, which is what i was shooting for. there should be a way to sync max apps with native linux utilities, but it's easy enough to manually set numbers.

    plus, though you couldn't see it, i was using the mouse periodically to turn notes on and off on the refmatrix piano rolls, which worked with the delay effect to bring notes and percussion hits to the foreground or shuffle 'em into the distance.

  • awesome video and tune nightmorph.
    any objections to me a adding a link at the top of the refmatrix page as the example/in action song?

  • awesome.

  • did you white-wash your nanokontrol?
    (I like the way that looks, I might do that myself...)

  • @2d10: go for it!

    @oootini: thxthx.

    @willcarter: actually, that's the result of sanding for a few hours.

  • Very cool.

    Does this patch work with non-serialosc deices? Probably not...

    Love the vid though.

  • there's an old monomeserial version (prefix: /rfm) somewhere on the forum, but this new version also adds 2 more grids/midi channels. it's definitely an improvement. remember, any monome can use serialosc. don't let the router app stand in the way of having fun!

  • Ah, really. I thought you needed a firmware update flashed. I'll give this a shot tonight then.

  • this is a great track and an entertaining watch. good work, still haven't delved into any of the generative stuff, i should get on that though it looks fun.

  • thanks! refmatrix is an instantly rewarding app.

  • After poking around the forums, I logged off and stumbled over to Vimeo.
    Then I ran into this song...

    And I had to log back on to tell you how wonderful it is!
    Really soothing and interesting, nice work--I'm loving it.

  • thanks, man. you should play with it, too! sheer joy every time it's turned on.