Look for a 40h kit / 40h

  • Hello!

    Everything is in the title. I just came too late the last time and I know some people buy 2 ou 3 kits, so maybe someone will sell to me one of them.

    You can mail me if you're interested.

    Thank you



  • ebay has one going in Germany.


  • I just saw that, thank you :)

    How much do you think the good price is ? Because I saw people who sold 128 for more than 1200$ and 40h for 800$. That's a swindle :[]

  • I really don't know - its demand and supply i guess.
    People have been paying silly money.
    Better to wait and get one from the site.

  • Yeah, but i'm afraid to miss the chance to get one from the site, i'm in Europe, and last time all monomes were sold out in few minutes and with the jet lag, I was sleeping during the sell.

    But thank for your advice :)

  • There's a queue now, so when they become available you'll get an email with a link to purchase. It expires in a day or two, but that should be plenty of time to snag one. Just get yourself in the queue :)