Anyone in Japan?

  • I'm going to be in Tokyo, Kawasaki, Osaka & Tokushima prefecture later this month and early September. It would be great to meet up with other musicians and/or monome users while I'm there.

    Also I'm open to hearing about good places to eat, drink, listen, watch, see etc. If you have a recommendation, I'm listening intently.

  • funny, i almost posted this same thing last night.

    i'm in tokyo till sunday, so it looks like i'll miss you, but if anyone else is around, holla.

    i'm staying in shibuya.


    should help

  • well i'm about to travel to japan this evening.
    mainly to promote this event that you might be interested in

    It's happening in Yokohama which is about 40mins from Shibuya on the train.
    (and for list relevance we used our monome extensively in the composition of the soundtrack)

    i'm around on saturday floating at the Yokohama Triennial


  • this guy is based there and designs patches, not sure about actual monome usage but his website is cool

  • I live in kyoto, super near Osaka. Would be happy to show you some places.

  • Thanks for the info all! I'm also gathering from the muffwiggler forum, where I know there is some overlap in users, and I'm getting great suggestions.

    Pekopeko - I'm really hoping to get up to kyoto for a day or two, and would love to meet up with you while I'm there just to have a bite to eat and chat for a while.

  • i'll try to make that duncan, but not sure if i can.

    i'm working with tomorrow morning, and not really sure what's up in the afternoon / evening..

    probably going to check out akihabara. =D