• I was prepairing a post for and was doing some more research before posting to get my facts right. I noticed some dodgy links placed in the arduinome section:

    Links titled:

    Truck accident lawyer

    swimming goggles

    Vending machines

    Proposal software

    If they are still there when I get home tonight I'll try and login and remove them.


  • With a few minutes on my hands I removed the ones you mentioned.

  • thanks for the heads up. this is bad news that doku is getting targeted by spam bots.

  • beat me to it! just updated the doku software, hope this will be avoided in the future.

  • ack, thank you. we're running the latest doku so i'll have to do some research on why we're getting spam.

  • Just an FYI, I noticed and removed a spam update to the molar application page this morning.

  • thank you!

  • Hey, if you guys are too busy I'm sure we can find a freelance writer to proof things in the future.

  • Found some spam in docs.monome.


    i just made an account and deleted it on my own, no more spam. :)

  • just cleaned up s'more bits of spam. once again, on the molar and tech:ports:arduino pages. why're these so popular?