Murf/Ringtone/Ooh Wah

  • Does anyone know if there are any monome applications that mimic the animated effects pedals of the MuRF, Zvex Ringtone and Zvex Ooh Wah.

    These seem like pedals that could very easily make sense in a monome format.

    This just might be something I want to take a crack at..unless it's already been done or if someone with some actual programming experience has an interest (it'd probably take me the rest of this year to figure it out as a first attempt at programming..)

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

  • i don't think so. the ringtone is just a ringmod with a sequencer built into it, so you can probably have a sequencer in ableton send pitch info to a ring mod or something similar, and then use an sort of step sequencer. the hard part is building a baller sound ring mod effect!

  • Have a look at the Stretta Monome Suite.
    There's an app called Step Filter that has similar approch to filtering as the Moog Murf